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I am alone at home, I hear a slight tin­kle, I am near the phone, but no, there is no call. I see neigh­bours, they look and pass me by, They do not greet or talk, can’t they see pain in me? My rel­a­tives keep away, Are they afraid this un­well wi­dow Will latch on to them?

What­ever it may be, Eureka! I have found it, the truth, the free­dom – That ul­ti­mately and gen­uinely It is only you who can stand for your­self And the pres­ence above that gives syn­ergy, Not the phone calls, nor the mys­tery peo­ple it’s not also about be­ing rough.

The truth grad­u­ally knocks into me Life, real aware­ness, locks up in me I rise and stand up, I don’t look here and there And slowly I am bud­ding And turn­ing to­wards the sun And I know no one can stop me From be­ing aware, from grow­ing From wher­ever I am go­ing No one can stop me – not a soul I’ve stopped the yearn­ing busi­ness, I do my­self a favour and stand up for my­self I do things, my mus­cles are strong I am some­body. – Su­naina A.

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