What was that boy’s fault?

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rid­har re­turned home at night after a tir­ing day at the of­fice. As he lay back in the sofa and closed his eyes, he was lost in thought, ‘Why did she do this to me? I loved her very love was sin­cere... how can she be so heart­less to­wards me? Was her love false from the be­gin­ning? How I was blind in love! it’s been 10 years, but I am not able to come out of it. How can she ruin my life?’ His face was wet with tears.

Srid­har had had a love mar­riage 10 years ago against his par­ents’ wishes and was stay­ing sep­a­rately. Within a week of their mar­riage things changed dras­ti­cally. The girl was no longer lov­ing to­wards him. She be­came ag­gres­sive for petty rea­sons and some­times for no rea­son at all. Over a month petty quar­rels led to tantrums, nag­ging, ex­trav­a­gant life­style and much more. Things took an ugly turn when she started phys­i­cally abus­ing him. Srid­har showed im­mense pa­tience for a few more months, but could not ever fig­ure out the rea­son for her rude be­hav­iour. After one year they got sep­a­rated legally and presently Srid­har stays with his par­ents work­ing in a Soft­ware firm in Hyderabad.

gen­tle touch by his mother brings Srid­har back to this world. While hav­ing din­ner, his mother said, “Your aunt gave a call in the af­ter­noon. She was men­tion­ing an al­liance for you. Srid­har, how long will you cry over your past? I want you to re­marry and it’s high time you set­tle down. You are al­ready 40.”

“Ma, I too am not against mar­riage. But what if I get a sim­i­lar-minded girl again? I fear only this. I have no men­tal strength to face all this any­more.”

“Not all women are the same. I will not force you, but I sug­gest that we go and see the girl this Sun­day. She is Gita and had a mu­tual di­vorce with her hus­band a few years ago and and…” “and...what, Ma?” “She has an eight-yearold son,” said her mother hes­i­tat­ingly.

“What! Frankly, I am not so broad-minded to marry a mother of an 8-year-old. Nei­ther can I ac­cept the child. No way, no point in meet­ing them.”

“Be­fore jump­ing to con­clu­sion, let’s meet them this Sun­day. Con­sider this as an obli­ga­tion and a re­quest from my side,” his mother said.

Srid­har had had a love mar­riage 10 years ago against his par­ents’ wishes and was stay­ing sep­a­rately. Within a week of their mar­riage things changed dras­ti­cally. The girl was no longer lov­ing to­wards him. She be­came ag­gres­sive for petty rea­sons and some­times for no rea­son at all. “I have de­cided to put my son,vi­jay, in the hos­tel. My par­ents will bear his ex­penses and they will be his guardians too. I have noth­ing to do with him. I don’t like him.”

Un­will­ingly, only for his mother’s sake, Srid­har ac­com­pa­nied by his par­ents agreed to meet Gita and her fam­ily.

fter an hour-long jour­ney, they reached the house and were warmly wel­comed by Gita’s par­ents. As they were en­ter­ing the house a boy was rush­ing out with a cricket bat in his hand. Srid­har guessed him to be Gita’s son and his mood be­came un­pleas­ant.

Their house was sim­ple and neat. After the ini­tial pleas­an­taries, Gita was in­tro­duced. She was good­look­ing and de­cent.

Srid­har gath­ered guts and said, ”I want to talk to Gita in pri­vate.” They were led to a small bal­cony. Both sat down and ap­pre­hen­sions were vis­i­ble on their faces.

Be­fore Srid­har could start, Gita be­gan, ”I have some­thing to share with you. It’s re­gard­ing my son.” Srid­har thought, ‘yes, it’s the same thing I wanted to dis­cuss.’

“I have de­cided to put my son,vi­jay, in the hos­tel. My par­ents will bear his ex­penses and they will be his guardians too. I have noth­ing to do with him. I don’t like him. I don’t want to see his face. He re­sem­bles his dad whom I hate the most. His dad was a drunk­ard and I went through a lot of suf­fer­ing and phys­i­cal tor­ture.“

Srid­har had noth­ing to say. What is hap­pen­ing is ex­actly what he wanted. Now, he did not find any rea­son to say no to this al­liance. After con­vers­ing for some more time Srid­har felt that Gita was suit­able for him in all re­spects.

Within the next few months they got mar­ried. Gita proved to be an ideal wife who was very lov­ing, wise and took care of Srid­har and his par­ents well. Days and months passed hap­pily and Gita de­liv­ered a boy within two years of mar­riage. They named him Ro­han. He was very chubby, cute and very ac­tive. Years passed in a jiffy while both Srid­har and Gita en­joyed their par­ent­hood and did their best for their son. Ro­han is now eight years old.

ne Sun­day evening, Gita and Srid­har are hav­ing a cup of tea on their bal­cony and watch­ing Ro­han play­ing cricket in the play­ground be­low. A sud­den thought streck him. ‘When I went to meet Gita for the first time, I saw her son with a cricket bat and he was of the same age like Ro­han.’

Srid­har was sur­prised at this pass­ing thought as all these years nei­ther Gita nor he both­ered about Vi­jay. Nei­ther dis­cussed his well­be­ing.

That night Srid­har could not sleep. Ro­han slept cud­dled be­tween him and Gita. Srid­har could see a happy and se­cure feel­ing on Ro­han’s face while he was asleep.

‘A child needs both par­ents for his over­all devel­op­ment. A child feels se­cure and con­fi­dent in par­ents’ love. But what about Vi­jay? Am I at fault? Nei­ther Gita nor me wanted him. But what is his fault? His re­sem­blance to his dad? Just be­cause I was not broad-minded to ac­cept an­other man’s son, I kept him at bay. I never tried to think from a child’s point of view. Now that I am a fa­ther my think­ing has changed and vi­sion has broad­ened. Hmm… it’s not too late even now.‘

The next morn­ing Gita woke him up with a hot cup of tea. Srid­har ges­tured to her to sit be­side him. Srid­har held Gita’s hand and said, ”I am very happy and feel blessed for this sec­ond chance of life. I am ex­tremely lucky to have you as my life part­ner.“

Gita replied, ”I am more blessed. You have ac­cepted me, though I had a son. You are so un­der­stand­ing and I am lead­ing a very happy and con­tented life now.“

“But I have to share a few thoughts which are lin­ger­ing in my mind since yes­ter­day.

I feel you will un­der­stand my thoughts. It’s about your son Vi­jay” Srid­har ex­plained to her all his thoughts and feel­ings for Vi­jay.

ita felt very un­easy in­side but some­where she found Srid­har right and wise. She said, ”Vi­jay is now 16 years old. Do you think he will ac­cept us?”

Srid­har was op­ti­mistic and firmly wanted to bring Vi­jay home. That very day both Gita and Srid­har went to Vi­jay’s hos­tel and brought him home. Vi­jay was very re­luc­tant and an­gry and up­set within and ques­tioned, ”Why after all these years?”

Srid­har ex­plained to him ev­ery­thing and felt sorry for him. He as­sured him that he would set ev­ery­thing right. “Vi­jay, what has hap­pened has hap­pened. I will try my best to be a friend and guide to you al­ways.”

Though it was not at all easy for Vi­jay to trust and ac­cept the fam­ily, Srid­har with his op­ti­mistic at­ti­tude, gave equal at­ten­tion and love to both Ro­han and Vi­jay. It may take some more time for Vi­jay to come out of his shell, but Srid­har is now able to sleep hap­pily with a sense of con­tent­ment.

That very day both Gita and Srid­har went to Vi­jay’s hos­tel and brought him home. Vi­jay was very re­luc­tant and an­gry and up­set within and ques­tioned, ”Why after all these years?”

Sa­garika Ghatge and Za­heer Khan tie the knot he gor­geous Sa­garika Ghatge and ace In­dian crick­eter Za­heer Khan fi­nally got hitched. Their mar­riage was an in­ti­mate af­fair, at­tended only by close friends and im­me­di­ate fam­ily as the duo opted for a court mar­riage. They made a beau­ti­ful cou­ple on their D-day. While Sa­garika was an el­e­gant and ra­di­ant bride in a red Sabyasachi sari, Za­heer looked debonair in a white­golden kurta set.

Their wed­ding might have been a low-key af­fair but they com­pen­sated it by throw­ing sev­eral post-wed­ding par­ties and a grand wed­ding re­cep­tion in Mum­bai. First, it was a cock­tail night which saw Sa­garika look­ing ab­so­lutely drool-wor­thy in a stun­ning grey lehenga from Fal­guni and Shane Pea­cock. Then a mehendi night fol­lowed where Sa­garika yet again mes­merised ev­ery­one in a green Anita Don­gre lehenga set.

The wed­ding shenani­gans con­cluded with a grand wed­ding re­cep­tion which saw celebs from Bol­ly­wood and Cricket in full pres­ence. Sush­mita Sen, Ar­shad Warshi, Chak De! In­dia fame Chi­trashi Rawat, Sachin Ten­dulkar, Yu­vraj Singh, Hazel Keech are a few to name who at­tended the wed­ding. How­ever, yet an­other Crick­etBol­ly­wood cou­ple – Vi­rat Kohli and Anushka Sharma also graced the wed­ding re­cep­tion. Vi­rat looked dap­per in a clas­sic grey suit whereas Anushka daz­zled in Sabyasachi’s grey and sil­ver lehenga.

Za­heer and Sa­garika had been dat­ing for quite a time. They both met through a com­mon friend and liked each other in­stantly. In an in­ter­view, had sa­garika said, "I al­ways knew he was a good guy. When­ever I met this com­mon friend of ours called Ri­tik, I would al­ways tell him that Za­heer seems like a good guy. He knew that I never talk about any­one like that, so there was prob­a­bly some­thing more to this. What I liked about him the most was his hu­mil­ity. De­spite achiev­ing so much in life, he is grounded. That is one qual­ity in him that I truly I ad­mire. Some­times I fly, but he is grounded."

Here’s wish­ing the new­ly­weds a bliss­ful mar­ried life!

“I spec­tac­u­larly failed as an ac­tor”: Twin­kle Khanna ormer ac­tress and au­thor­pro­ducer Twin­kle Khanna re­cently opened up about her failed act­ing ca­reer. Con­fess­ing that she “failed spec­tac­u­larly as an ac­tor” Twin­kle Khanna aka Mrs Fun­ny­bones said it is easy to deal with fail­ure when suc­cess is not taken se­ri­ously. The Baad­shah ac­tress who couldn’t do well in her ca­reer as an ac­tress, has now es­tab­lished her­self as a writer with the pen name of “Mrs Fun­ny­bones”.

Speak­ing about fail­ure and suc­cess along with bad­minton coach P. Gopic­hand and In­dian skipper Sourav Gan­guly, the witty writer rem­i­nisced her child­hood days with her mother. Cit­ing an in­ci­dent from her school days, she said, “When I came to her (Dim­ple) as a plump nerd with my exam re­sults and said look, ‘I got 97 per cent in Math­e­mat­ics’, she said it matches your weight.” Nar­rat­ing such sim­i­lar in­ci­dents of her life, the former ac­tress said she told her mother ‘what is the point in hav­ing such a mother’.

But over the years, I dis­cov­ered the rea­son be­hind her pe­cu­liar phi­los­o­phy of rais­ing me. When you don’t take suc­cess very se­ri­ously, it is eas­ier to shrug off your fail­ure,” Twin­kle said. When I fin­ished 12th, I wanted to be­come a char­tered ac­coun­tant. But both my par­ents were in the en­ter­tain­ment busi­ness. They were keen I fol­low in their foot­steps and I did. But 8 years later, I came to the con­clu­sion that I have spec­tac­u­larly failed as an ac­tor.”

“Though this was a bit dis­heart­en­ing, I wasn’t shat­tered… I moved on and here I am to­day,” she fur­ther added. “Twin­kle was last seen in Tees Maar Khan in a cameo

Ran­bir Kapoor to tie the knot soon? oing by the Casanova im­age of Ran­bir Kapoor, it sounds strange to lis­ten that he might set­tle down with an ar­ranged mar­riage. His love life keeps mak­ing head­lines and not long time back, his pic­tures with Mahira Khan went vi­ral and fumed spec­u­la­tions of their al­leged love af­fair. I’ve got to know Mahira in a per­sonal ca­pac­ity over the last few months. She is some­body who I ad­mire and re­spect, for her achieve­ments and even more for the per­son she is. It is very un­fair the way she is be­ing judged and spo­ken about. What is also sad is the in­equal­ity in judge­ment role. How­ever, with Tees Maar Khan, she also be­gan pro­duc­ing and co­pro­duced many films like Thank You, Pa­tiala House, Khi­ladi 786, Hol­i­day and up­com­ing Pad­man – all films starred her hus­band Ak­shay Ku­mar.

just be­cause she is a woman. I re­quest you to stop the neg­a­tiv­ity and move on with your beau­ti­ful god-gifted lives,” Ran­bir Kapoor had said in an of­fi­cial state­ment. On the other hand, Mahira too was deeply dis­turbed with all the ha­tred that floored after their pic­tures got leaked. In an in­ter­view to an on­line por­tal, Mahira re­acted say­ing, “I’m a very strong woman but when all of this hap­pened, I was com­pletely shat­tered and bro­ken. I would think about post­ing a state­ment ev­ery day. Then I would stop my­self be­cause I just wouldn’t know what to say,”

But looks like Ran­bir’s mummy Neetu Kapoor has taken these ru­mours and this con­tro­versy too se­ri­ously that she is keen to get her son mar­ried off as early as pos­si­ble. As per ru­mours do­ing rounds, Neetu Kapoor has been try­ing hard to con­vince Ran­bir for mar­riage. The only thing she talks about these days is Ran­bir’s mar­riage, sug­gests a re­port of a lead­ing tabloid. How­ever, the ac­tor is avoid­ing the talks as he is oc­cu­pied with his

up­com­ing films.

Sa­garika Ghatge and Za­heer Khan in sev­eral poses after their wed­ding.

Will Ran­bir Kapoor marry soon to please his mother?

Though not a suc­cess­ful ac­tor Twin­kle Khanna has emerged as a witty writer.

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