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Other is the mixer grinder. Here is how this ap­pli­ance is the true hero of any kitchen: Ver­sa­til­ity: Mixer grinders are ver­sa­tile de­vices. From grind­ing food items like nuts to pre­par­ing milk­shakes, mixer grinders can do ev­ery­thing. They are ver­sa­tile to

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prom­ises you all your re­quire­ments and of­fers ben­e­fits in the long run. It is thus, best to stick with a brand that en­joys a strong mar­ket pres­ence.

There are a cou­ple of brands that en­joy a great mar­ket pres­ence across the globe. Of­fer­ing a wide ar­ray of splen­did prod­ucts to cater to the dif­fer­ent spec­trums, Havells is one such brand that has man­aged to carve a niche for it­self in this in­dus­try through the years. Havells Kitchen Ap­pli­ances range has been ex­clu­sively de­signed to of­fer a su­pe­rior per­for­mance and make all work go easy.

Mixer Grinder is a key es­sen­tial of any kitchen and Havells range of Mixer Grinders is cu­rated to meet the needs of ev­ery kitchen.

What makes Mixer Grinder the hero of your kitchen?

When in the kitchen, we need to re­ally turn into mul­ti­taskers, for there are so many dif­fer­ent tasks that are to be done. One ap­pli­ance that helps you mul­ti­task like no All-in-one: Mixer grinders of­fer a va­ri­ety of food prepa­ra­tion pro­cesses. When in kitchen, prepa­ra­tion of dif­fer­ent food items re­quires you to use dif­fer­ent de­vices. With mixer grinder, you can use this one sin­gle de­vice to pre­pare dif­fer­ent food items.

I am a 35- year- old woman with a 7- month- old baby. Al­though I have re­gained my pre-preg­nancy fig­ure, I find there are some ugly sil­very lines on my tummy and thighs. Please tell me how these have ap­peared and what I can do about this prob­lem.

What you have are stretch marks which are the bane of peo­ple who gain weight rapidly and then lose it! The cause is tear­ing of the skin der­mis with skin stretch­ing as­so­ci­ated with rapid weight or growth gain. Usu­ally, this is due to preg­nancy pu­berty, hor­mone re­place­ment ther­apy or body build­ing.

Rub­bing cas­tor oil reg­u­larly on the area can help. Some women swear by aloe vera, use the gel in the stems to mas­sage over the marks. Potato juice, egg whites, or lime juice have also been found to be use­ful for lightening the scar­ring.

There are spe­cial stretch mark creams avail­able in the mar­ket which you can use. But one fact has to be faced. Stretch marks are very dif­fi­cult to erase, and will fade only very slowly with time.

I can­not be with­out bathing even in the bitterest of win­ters, but this makes my skin itchy and dry. Please give me a few tips on win­ter baths. I would hate to give up my daily rou­tine.

You need to bathe even in win­ter to re­move dirt and grime our bod­ies ac­cu­mu­late through the day, but a few pre­cau­tions are in order to avoid skin dam­age.

Al­ways rub in a good oil on arms, legs and face be­fore bathing. Any body oil, co­conut, mus­tard or sesame oil is good enough. Use tepid body-tem­per­a­ture wa­ter, never hot, how­ever tempt­ing it is. Don’t soak in tub or use a lot of wa­ter to wash.

Avoid lath­er­ing a lot with soap. Use glyc­er­ine or cream­based soaps.

You can avoid soap al­to­gether ex­cept for cer­tain parts of body like un­der­ams, groin and heels. Use a glove scrub­ber or loofah to re­move dead cells and any dirt.

Af­ter bath, dry body with towel and im­me­di­ately hy­drate with body mois­tur­is­ing lo­tion or cream. Use on face as well.

Use a night cream to keep win­ter dry­ness at bay. Al­ways use mois­turiser with a good SPF when going out. Avoid sun even if it seems mild as the UV rays can tan and de­hy­drate skin rapidly.

I have a scar on my left eye­brow due to a child­hood in­jury. I am a 30-year-old woman and have not minded this all this time, but now I want to do some­thing about it. Please give me some good so­lu­tions.

You can, of course, colour the hair­less sec­tion of your brow with a matt eye­brow colour. Use one which matches your brow hairs per­fectly. Draw light hairs with a ka­jal stick over this, blend­ing in care­fully.

A more per­ma­nent so­lu­tion is to tat­too in the hairs. Don’t wet the area for a week af­ter the tat­too. You may have to get this re­done ev­ery 3-4 months.

A cos­metic sur­geon can graft in hairs in the nude area. This will need a few sit­tings and could cost money.

I never use any oil on my hair, and only ap­ply a lit­tle serum be­fore blow-dry­ing it. Is ap­ply­ing oil nec­es­sary? Then what oil should I use? I am a 27- year- old woman liv­ing in Chandi­garh.

Whether to ap­ply oil or not in your hair de­pends on your hair type and scalp con­di­tion, If you have greasy hair and scalp, oil is a big no-no for you, for this will only add to the grease. But hair oil works very well on dry, fly­away hair, and helps to tame it, and to lu­bri­cate the scalp.

There is a lot of good in giv­ing your hair a hot weekly mas­sage even when hair is greasy for it loosens dead scalp cells.

The best tried and tested hair oils are co­conut, olive, ja­joba, and cas­tor oil. The last is thick and dif­fi­cult to spread; so it is used only in parts where hair is thin­ning, for it pro­motes growth.

Take a lit­tle oil in a bowl; warm it. Part your hair and ap­ply oil with fin­ger­tips di­rectly on scalp, and gently rub it in. Do this till the whole scalp is cov­ered. Take a thick towel, soak it in hot wa­ter, wring it out, and wrap it over your oiled scalp. Keep on for at least half an hour, and then wash off with sham­poo. This, if done on a weekly ba­sis, will def­i­nitely im­pact on hair health pos­i­tively.

I am not very plump, but my knees are fat and ugly. I feel very em­bar­rassed to wear short skirts or swim suits. Please tell me how to thin my knees. I am a good-look­ing 19-yearold col­lege girl in Vishaka­p­atanam.

Knees are no­to­ri­ous for ac­cu­mu­lat­ing fat de­posits around them­selves to ap­pear plump and padded. You have to tone your legs and strengthen the mus­cles to re­duce the sub­cu­ta­neous fat un­der the skin. Im­por­tantly, you will have to lose weight over­all as well to make your knees slim­mer.

But a ded­i­cated ex­er­cise reg­i­men can bring good re­sults within a cou­ple of months.

You must do a round of weight-bear­ing aer­o­bic ex­er­cise for 15 min­utes daily.

Squats, calf raises, bi­cy­cle ex­er­cise, scis­sors, rear-leg raises are ex­cel­lent ton­ers for fat knees.

To avoid wa­ter ac­cu­mu­la­tion, re­duce salt in­take and drink at least 6 glasses of wa­ter a day.

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