Liv­ing on Bet­ter to be calm.

Woman's Era - - Noise Pollution - By I. M. Soni

di­rec­tion from a pres­ti­gious Chandi­garh hospi­tal speak­ing to an au­di­ence com­pris­ing mainly univer­sity teach­ers said, “Most of us are liv­ing on our nerves. We are like sol­diers on the bat­tle front – all re­sources thrown in. Our fa­cial ex­pres­sions show that we are strain­ing too hard.”

This “nervetism” is the hall­mark of the mod­ern per­son. It is a ‘men­tal dis­or­der’ so widely spread that it has almost be­come in­fec­tious. Thus, we are liv­ing in an age of strung nerves, taut mus­cles and scowl­ing faces. A gen­er­a­tion liv­ing on nerves, we have be­come car­i­ca­tures of our own selves.

Liv­ing on nerves, scowl­ing faces, takes a heavy toll of emo­tional en­ergy and shat­ters the bal­ance and rhythm of life re­duc­ing one to a state of ex­haus­tion.

This state is re­spon­si­ble for shoddy work per­for­mance, poor sex-life, strained hu­man re­la­tion­ships. Over-strain de­feats it­self. Men­tal im­bal­ance gets the bet­ter of our good qual­i­ties.

You have ex­pe­ri­enced it your­self. Stress makes you lose your tem­per and the en­tire fam­ily ‘hides’ it­self be­hind imag­i­nary cur­tains. The at­mos­phere in the house fouls of and it may last for days.

This over-strain re­sults in fail­ure in all walks of life-cause fail­ure of an oth­er­wise good player in the field. Vinod Kam­bli is one ex­am­ple. He fails with the bat when he tries to over-reach him­self be­cause of ten­sion.

A re­laxed player like Sachin on the other hand, does not lose his

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