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Some pa­tients spon­ta­neously achieve preg­nancy but oth­ers at some stage ex­pe­ri­ence dif­fi­culty in achiev­ing con­cep­tion and these pa­tients need some kind of as­sis­tance in get­ting preg­nant, and here we pro­vide them best as­sis­tance and treat­ment which helps them to con­ceive.

It has been 10 months since the open­ing of IVF centre in Metro Hospi­tal, and pos­i­tive re­sults are mak­ing pa­tients be­lieve in us and our treat­ment.

Case His­tory 1 – Cou­ple was mar­ried for 10 years, but was un­able to con­ceive. They con­sulted many doc­tors but with no suc­cess. They were de­pressed and un­happy. She has a his­tory of ab­dom­i­nal tu­ber­cu­lo­sis lead­ing to in­testi­nal ad­he­sions and fluid filled tubes ( hy­dros­alpinx). Clip­ping is re­quired in such cases prior to IVF. In her case it was not pos­si­ble to ap­proach fal­lop­ian tubes due to ex­ten­sive bowel ad­he­sions. Fluid was as­pi­rated from both fal­lop­ian tubes un­der USG guid­ance prior to embryo trans­fer. Af­ter the pro­ce­dure she had sin­gle in­trauter­ine preg­nancy and de­liv­ered a healthy baby girl at Metro Hospi­tal Faridabad.

Case His­tory 2 – Cou­ple try­ing for preg­nancy for 15 years, but was un­able to con­ceive. Her hys­teroscopy surgery was done to re­move polyps from uterus. Then she un­der­went IVF and had twin preg­nancy. She de­liv­ered a healthy boy and a healthy girl at Metro hospi­tal Faridabad.

The cause of ex­cel­lent re­sults of IVF in Metro Hospi­tal is its state-ofthe-art IVF Lab and ex­pert team of doc­tors and em­bry­ol­o­gists.

Ser­vices of­fered by Metro IVF centre in­cludes in­ves­ti­ga­tions of in­fer­tile cou­ple, Fer­til­ity En­hanc­ing La­paro­scopic and Hys­tero­scopic surg­eries, Man­age­ment of Male fac­tors In­fer­til­ity, Man­age­ment of fe­male fac­tors In­fer­til­ity, In­tra Uter­ine Ins em­i­na­tion ( IUI), In vitro fer­til­iza­tion ( IVF), In­tra Cy­to­plas­mic Sperm In­jec­tion ( ICSI), sur­gi­cal sperm re­trieval for Azoosper­mia, egg do­na­tion, sperm do­na­tion, embryo do­na­tion and sur­ro­gacy.

Rad­hika’s face lit up. She pulled out her phone and texted Ravi, “Our first case with Mr X almost solved. I won’t have to skip the spa to­day.”

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