A tough task

Are you a per­son who doesn’t know how to say ‘No’.

Woman's Era - - Editorial - By Anupriya Khanna

Are you al­ways agree­ing with peo­ple for one thing or the other? Do you al­ways find it hard to say no? if yes, then we can com­pletely un­der­stand your strug­gle. There are many like you who find it dif­fi­cult to say no to any­one who comes run­ning af­ter you for help.

When­ever some­one is in trou­ble and needs help, all they can think of is “You” and only “You”. You have be­come a life saver for many. But this na­ture of yours is surely not proving to be good for you.

Don’t worry, you’ve got a lot of

time to im­prove on that. Be­fore you get down to work, here’s a quick read for you and all the oth­ers who find it dif­fi­cult to say “No”.

The only ques­tion that scares the hell out of you is "can you do me a favour?" That’s be­cause you know you’ll say yes, come what may. But when it comes to your near and dear ones, you don’t mind lend­ing a help­ing hand with­out hes­i­ta­tions and are al­ways up for it.

When peo­ple ask you for help, you al­ways agree with­out re­al­is­ing the trou­ble it can cause you. No mat­ter how much pend­ing work you’ve got to do or how sick you are, you are ready to waste all your time and en­ergy on some­thing that you have got noth­ing to do with.

Since it’s a tough task for you to say no to some­one, you re­hearse it in your mind for hours. But then this prepa­ra­tion of say­ing no turns out to be of no use to you be­cause you again end up say­ing yes.

And when noth­ing works, you start avoid­ing peo­ple who you know will again con­vince you with their puppy eyes and in­no­cent face. There’s no bet­ter way to deal with it. One thing that you have surely be­come a pro at is mak­ing ex­cuses. Ex­cuses are like your sec­ond best friend as they help you get out of these help­less sit­u­a­tions a lot of times. From telling that you are sick to you be­ing not avail­able, you’ve tried it all. You def­i­nitely know that this

habit of yours is surely going to leave you bank­rupt some day. While your friends are al­ways ready to go out for lunch, but there’s hardly any­one who is ready to pay. You are the only one who is al­ways pay­ing the bills.

When you wake up ev­ery morn­ing, you re-tell your­self to say “no”. But when it comes to im­ple­ment­ing it, you badly fail. It has kind of be­come your daily rou­tine.

An­other rea­son why you can’t say no to some­one is that you can’t hurt some­one. Also, you are afraid of judge­ments that they might make af­ter you say no to them. Rather than land­ing your­self in guilt, you pre­fer to agree and help.

At times, you land your­self in trou­ble by say­ing yes to too many peo­ple at the same time. This way you are not able to do jus­tice to any of them and deal with the reper­cus­sions af­ter­wards.

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