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AF­TER MY CATARACT SURGERY TWO MONTHS BACK, MY OP­ER­ATED eye looks much smaller than the other one. The doc­tor says this will open up grad­u­ally and I will lose the hooded look I now have, but if it does not, cos­metic surgery can set it right. Can you please give me some cos­metic tips to make the smaller eye match the other one? I want to avoid surgery by all costs.

Hope­fully, your eye­lid will lift grad­u­ally and your eyes will match each other in size in a short time. Of course, there are some make-up tricks which can help you.

Use liq­uid eye­liner on both eyes, start­ing from the in­ner part of eye and mov­ing to­wards the outer edge which make the liner thicker. On the smaller eye use more eye­liner to­wards the outer edge so that it makes it look larger.

Even eye­shadow should be used more on the smaller eye to make it look more open, to match the other.

If you curl the lashes on the smaller eye, it makes it look larger.

Use false lashes which will make eyes look dra­matic and large and dis­tract from the un­even sizes.

Try these tips and you will not no­tice the asym­me­try in the eyes.

WHAT IS THE DIF­FER­ENCE BE­TWEEN A BRONZER AND A BLUSH? Please tell me how to use a bronzer. I am 25-year­sold and my face is rather dull and pale. I want to brighten my ap­pear­ance a bit. Help!:

The chief dif­fer­ence be­tween the two is that a blush gives a plump, ripe, sexy look to the face, es­pe­cially on the cheeks. A bronzer, on the other hand, is used to con­tour the face.

The bronzer also gives the skin a sun-kissed look, and it comes in both liq­uid and pow­der forms.

It is most con­ve­nient to use a soft bris­tled brush to ap­ply it.

It should be used af­ter you ap­ply face foun­da­tion, con­cealer and pow­der but the blush comes on later.

With a sweep­ing move­ment, ap­ply the bronzer along the hair­line, up­per fore­head, just be­low the hair­line and just be­low the jaw­line. It is ap­plied by ex­perts in the in­verted num­ber 3pat­tern to help them. Blend care­fully to avoid harsh de­mar­ca­tion lines, us­ing a lit­tle translu­cent pow­der if needed..

A bronzer helps to add drama to a pale com­plex­ion, so it could be ideal for you. A lit­tle prac­tice will make it very easy to ap­ply. Avoid us­ing too much; it is bet­ter to make it spar­ingly to give a nat­u­ral look.

THERE ARE SOME SMALL GREYISH GROWTH ON MY neck. Are these warts? How can I get rid of them? It is best you con­sult a doc­tor to find out just what these growths are, for these could be skin tags too. Warts are caused by a virus and are most com­mon on hands and feet, and their ap­pear­ance im­plies a low body im­mune sys­tem. So, boost­ing im­mu­nity with good nu­tri­tion is the best way of pre­vent­ing their in­fec­tion.

There are some home reme­dies for treat­ing warts: ap­ple cider vine­gar, bak­ing pow­der, as­pirin, tea tree oil, etc. It is best to use the med­i­ca­tion which a doc­tor pre­scribes.

Warts are ba­si­cally ab­nor­mal growth of skin cells caused by a virus called the hu­man papil­loma virus. It is con­ta­gious and can spread from one part of the body to an­other, or from per­son to per­son by skin contact.

The ones you have on your neck seem to be fil­i­form warts, which usu­ally have sev­eral thread­like pro­jec­tions.

Don’t worry; these are eas­ily treat­able and ex­cept for the cos­metic dis­com­fort, are usu­ally harm­less.

PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME GET THICK EYE­BROWS? MINE ARE sparse and thin. I would love to have lush brows which are much in fash­ion these days. If you have al­ways had thin sparse brows, it must be a ge­netic trait. Do oth­ers in the fam­ily also have this is­sue?

Ap­ply a thin layer of pure cas­tor oil on the brows at night. Mas­sage lightly. Wash off in the morn­ing. You can even ap­ply a lit­tle on the eye­lashes. Cas­tor oil is known to aid hair- root re­ju­ve­na­tion.

Use a lit­tle matt eye­brow pow­der on the brows and blend well into the skin. This will make the brows seem thicker. Pick a shade which matches your hair colour closely. For a more per­ma­nent fix, you can get tat­too­ing done to fill up the brows. This pro­ce­dure will have to be re­peated pe­ri­od­i­cally per­haps, if needed.

WHAT IS A FA­CIAL SPRAY? HOW IS IT USED? It is one of the hottest beauty prod­uct in the mar­ket, and is sim­ply an aerosol which de­liv­ers a misty spray of clear wa­ter, some­times per­fumed lightly, dis­tilled and fresh, on your face.

It is per­fect for a quick fix to freshen face, when it feels hot and de­hy­drated. Of course, splash­ing wa­ter on the face is also a def­i­nite fresh­ener, but this leaves your face very wet and also messes your make-up.

The fa­cial spray sends out a gen­tle mist which avoids all this. Fur­ther, when you want to use mois­turiser, spray your face first and then ap­ply it, for best re­sults. It will seal in the mois­ture ef­fec­tively too, and dis­cour­age dry­ness of skin.

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