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On the mat­ter of Triple Ta­laq, the coun­try stands di­vided. Or we can say that the po­lit­i­cal par­ties stand di­vided. While the Congress in its vot­ing eu­pho­ria did pass it in the Lower House, the same stand has re­ceived bumps in the Up­per House. As far as the Mus­lim women are con­cerned, they are def­i­nitely over­joyed with the pas­sage of the bill in the Lower House, since it pro­vides them pro­tec­tion like noth­ing else. To say that it's a cor­rect move my BJP would be cut­ting the mater too deep. It should be viewed as a move that's to bend the ap­pli­ca­tion of law in the present form of so­ci­ety.

In a date and place where the so­ci­ety is be­com­ing more open and thanks to the com­mu­ni­ca­tions it is be­com­ing more trans­par­ent, to get rid of a wife may ul­ti­mately not be so easy as it used to be. There are in­stances in Iran where mar­riages are per­formed for an overnight sor­tie of plea­sure. At least in In­dia, we may be able to make it se­cure. And hope­fully the rul­ing party can de­ci­sively con­vert it into votes.

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