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Woman's Era - - Editorial - By Anu­pama Gupta


6-7 cauliflower flo­rets 2 po­ta­toes 3 tbsp cook­ing oil 1 tsp cumin seeds 1 onion chopped 1 tsp gin­ger paste 2 tsp co­rian­der pow­der tsp turmeric pow­der tsp red chilli pow­der 2 toma­toes chopped 2 green chill­ies 1 cup shelled peas salt to taste

For pan­cakes:

1 cup flour 2 cups wa­ter 1 cup bread­crumbs oil for shal­low fry­ing salt to taste


Cut cauliflower and po­ta­toes into tiny pieces. Heat the oil in a heavy-bot­tomed pan. When oil is hot, add the cumin seeds.

Now add the onion and fry till soft. Add the gin­ger paste. Add all the spices and fry for a minute. Now add the chopped toma­toes and green chilies. Stir well and fry till toma­toes start to get soft (about 2-3 min­utes). Now add the cauliflower flo­rets, po­ta­toes, and peas. Stir well. Add salt to taste. Cover the pan and cook for 3-5 min­utes. Turn off the heat.

Mix all the pan­cake in­gre­di­ents to­gether in a deep bowl and whisk to make a smooth bat­ter. When the pan is hot, grease and use a la­dle to pour a small amount of the

bat­ter onto the cen­tre of the pan. Swirl the pan to spread the bat­ter into a thin pan­cake. Let it cook un­til the bat­ter fully sets. When it is ready, take it off onto a flat plate to fill.

Im­me­di­ately add 2-3 ta­ble­spoons of the veg­etable fill­ing and roll the pan­cake. Re­serve a lit­tle bat­ter to dip the rolls in for shal­low fry­ing. When all the rolls are ready, dip each one in the re­main­ing bat­ter, to coat well on all sides. Then roll in bread­crumbs to coat well. Re­peat for all the rolls. shal­low fry one or two rolls at a time un­til they are golden brown all over. When done, use a slot­ted spoon to re­move from the oil and keep aside on pa­per tow­els.

Serve hot, warm or at room tem­per­a­ture with Mint-co­rian­der Chut­ney or Tamarind Chut­ney!


+ cup co­conut pow­der cup al­monds cup con­densed milk, use as needed


Grind the al­monds and add co­conut pow­der to com­bine. Now add con­densed milk start­ing with 1 ta­ble­spoon at a time and us­ing hand keep knead­ing them to form a dough. Roll into a smooth dough and press be­tween the palm to flat­ten it out. Roll in co­conut pow­der.


cup gram flour cup semolina 1 boiled potato 50 gm cot­tage cheese 1 tsp gar­lic chopped 1 tsp gin­ger chopped tsp pep­per turmeric pow­der 1 tsp green chill­ies chopped 1 tbsp chopped co­rian­der 1 tsp cumin seeds 1 tsp salt 1 cup finely cut spinach 1 tsp lemon juice wa­ter to knead it


In a bowl mix all the in­gre­di­ents. Knead them to­gether with wa­ter.

Di­vide the dough into equal por­tions. Make rolls .

Flat­ten them and Grease a steam tin with very lit­tle oil and place the rolls . Steam for 10 min­utes. Serve hot.


1 sweet potato peeled and cut into chunks 1 car­rot peeled and cut into chunks 2 tbsp olive oil

onion finely chopped 1 gar­lic clove, crushed 1 cup veg­etable stock salt and pep­per to taste


O Heat oven to 180 C and put the sweet po­ta­toes, car­rots, onion, gar­lic into a large roast­ing tin, driz­zled with 2 tbsp olive oil and salt and pep­per. Roast the veg­eta­bles in the oven for 25-30 min­utes or un­til caramelised and ten­der, blend un­till smooth. Add veg­etable stock, a lit­tle more sea­son­ing and re­heat un­til hot. Serve in bowls topped with salt and a good grind­ing of black pep­per.


1 cup cooked spaghetti 1 cup peas 1 gar­lic clove

cup pro­cessed cheese 1 green chilli 1 tbsp roasted cashewnuts salt and pep­per to taste 1 tbsp oil


Steam peas, un­til just ten­der. Drain. Place the peas in blender. Add gar­lic, cheese, cashewnuts and chilli. Process un­til smooth. In a pan heat oil saute pea pesto. Sea­son with salt and pep­per. Toss

spaghetti to com­bine. Serve hot, gar­nished with more cheese.


1 small ap­ple 2-3 dried figs

tsp cin­na­mon pow­der 1 tbsp sugar 1 cup wa­ter 1 tsp but­ter


Soak the dried figs in wa­ter for 10 min­utes. Peel and chop the ap­ples. Heat the but­ter in a pan and saute ap­ples. Add cin­na­mon pow­der, sugar, wa­ter and figs sim­mer for 3-4 min­utes. Serve hot.


1 cup wheat flour cup jag­gery cup oil cup curd tsp bak­ing soda tsp bak­ing pow­der 1 tbsp chopped dates 1 tbsp raisins 2 tbsp chopped cashew nuts


Pre­heat oven. Add dry in­gre­di­ents wheat flour, bak­ing pow­der and bak­ing soda and mix it. Whisk curd and add oil in it.

Add grated jag­gery in the curd and mix the flour and curd mix add the dates and nuts.

Trans­fer the bat­ter in the pre­pared bak­ing tray and sprin­kle the chopped nuts and bake it in oven at 160 de­gree for 20 min or till the tooth­pick in­serted comes out clear.


1 cup rice

cup co­conut fresh 2 tbsp ghee 1 cup jag­gery 3 tbsp chopped cashewnuts


Soak the rice for two to three hours. Drain out the wa­ter and grind it along with co­conut to a fine paste. Put the jag­gery in a ves­sel and add one cup wa­ter and bring to boil. Re­move from stove and strain it. Again put this into heat and al­low to boil for five min­utes. Now add the rice and co­conut paste and mix well. Cook on low flame stir­ring con­tin­u­ously till it be­comes solid. Add ghee lit­tle by lit­tle and stir well. Add cashew nuts fried in lit­tle ghee.


1 cup rice cup chana dal cup urad dal 1 tomato

cup fresh co­conut 1 gar­lic clove 1-2 green chili 1 piece gin­ger

cup curd 1 tbsp oil salt to taste

For tem­per­ing:

1 tbsp oil

tsp mus­tard seeds 1 tbsp sesame seeds 2 green chilies 1 tsp bak­ing soda


Wash and soak rice,and dals for 3-4 hours grind and add bak­ing soda and leave for 6-7 hours. Grind tomato, chili, gar­lic, gin­ger and co­conut, add this to rice bat­ter. Pre­pare a bak­ing pan by greas­ing all the sides. Add the bat­ter. Make tem­per­ing by heat­ing oil. Add mus­tard seeds and once they start splut­ter­ing, turn the heat off, add sesame seeds and green­chillies. Pour the tem­per on the bat­ter in the bak­ing pan. Pre-heat oven. Bake for 30-40 min­utes, check­ing af­ter first 25 min­utes.


1 cup flour 1 tsp bak­ing pow­der 1 tsp mixed spice 2 tbsp sugar

cup oil 1 ba­nana ripe mashed 1 ap­ple cored peeled diced cup cashews, al­monds, raisins cup milk


Pre­heat oven and grease a muf­fin tray. Place all in­gre­di­ents into a large bowl and stir gently with a wooden spoon un­til just com­bined. Spoon mix­ture into each muf­fin tin, about 3/4 full.

Bake for 25-30 min­utes, un­til a skewer comes out clean.


cup rice flakes 1 onion 1 tomato 1 potato

1-2 green chilli 2 tbsp grated fresh co­conut

cup steamed peas 1 cup curd salt to taste

For tem­per­ing:

1 tbsp oil

tsp mus­tard seeds 1 green chilli


Rinse the rice flakes in wa­ter and finely chop onion, tomato, potato, chilli. In a bowl, com­bine all the in­gre­di­ents and sea­son with salt. Heat oil in a pan and put mus­tard seeds and let it splut­ter. Take off from the flame. Add green chilli and tem­per the salad. We

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