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Woman's Era - - Short Story - By Sri­ran­jani Srini­vasan

m not a doc­tor. Rather, a pa­tient my­self when it comes to gy­nae­col­ogy. What is fer­til­ity? When you are able to re­pro­duce, you are fer­tile.

Ma­jor causes for in­fer­til­ity are just two in my opin­ion. Bad life­style and im­pa­tience.

Days are short when we see the com­mit­ments and ex­pec­ta­tions on us and our life is get­ting much shorter when we han­dle them. Five years af­ter mar­riage is when doc­tors are not sup­posed to en­cour­age the cou­ple com­ing for a treat­ment re­gard­ing in­fer­til­ity. But some­times money over­takes the ethics.

Start­ing from a sim­ple pill, it grows. A pill to reg­u­late your cy­cle, and that doesn’t work much.

A pill for ovu­la­tion, still we get an ovu­la­tory cy­cle. “It some­times hap­pens,” their safe re­ply.

Then a pill for ovu­la­tion, an in­jec­tion for im­prov­ing egg size, an in­jec­tion for rup­tur­ing the egg at the right size, a pill for sus­tain­ing preg­nancy, a pill for bring­ing the menses on the right cy­cle. All these go with a scan ev­ery al­ter­nate day, at least for 7 -10 days in a month.

This is pre­ceded by a blood test quite of­ten for hor­mone im­bal­ance check and suc­ceeded by an­other one to check for preg­nancy if the menses still has not re­sponded to their medicine. Who knows why a urine preg­nancy test is there. If the UPT is pos­i­tive, “Still it is bet­ter if we go for Beta HCG test to con­firm preg­nancy”. If it fails, “Let’s wait, it doesn’t some­times re­flect the cor­rect po­si­tion early” or “Let’s not leave the cy­cle go longer, let’s go for a HCG test”. Any­way blood test, why UPT?

Next step,“let us check for PCOD or tubu­lar block”, a scan, then HSG, then laproscopy.

Even if it shows all okay, not able to zero in on the per­fect rea­son, they move on to the male part­ner. Un­til then men would be com­pletely free of charges. Your count, motil­ity, all crap is down. Give them the pill. That doesn’t work even on a tee­to­taller.

“Even if your man is lit­tle down, if yours is pow­er­ful it can give you

Woman’s Era March (Se­cond) 2018 ● the de­sired re­sult”. Men­tal stim­u­la­tion with this di­a­logue and phys­i­cal stim­u­la­tion with a pill.

Se­men anal­y­sis, get­ting all good stock for test and leav­ing the rest for the cou­ple to test their luck. Check right from varic­o­cele to prostate cancer. Sur­gi­cal pro­ce­dures to tie the loose ones and re­move the tight ones, what else?

IUI is one de­fault pro­ce­dure that would have been done at least 5-6 times by this time. When the qual­ity of sperm is not good, or the egg or uterus is not healthy, how can this IUI be suc­cess­ful or even if it is, what is the as­sur­ance that the foe­tus formed would be healthy?

If this fails, then a coun­selling. 1.5-2L for sperm col­lec­tion and IVF. With 33 per cent chance and that im­proves un­til you are try­ing with­out los­ing hope till your 6th at­tempt.

Each time 2L. Fus­ing the egg and sperm ex­ter­nally and plac­ing the fused one in uterus.

I re­ally don’t know if some­thing be­yond this is hap­pen­ing!

The rea­sons, as I said, are just two.

Bad life­style

Work, work, work. You are not paid to match your work. Be hon­est to your job and not the em­ployer. He hardly cares when you strug­gle. Days when bosses came to your home, in­quir­ing about your health, when sick, are all gone.

Get­ting up late as you sleep late af­ter a day’s tir­ing work sched­ule.

Eat­ing when your em­ployer or your work per­mits.

Stick­ing to the seat with­out even re­al­is­ing you are not at­tend­ing to your na­ture calls on time.

Sleep­ing the whole week­end with­out know­ing you are born to en­joy life and re­la­tion­ships.

For­go­ing the beau­ti­ful oc­ca­sions to meet friends and re­la­tions. No point in find­ing fault with them when you don’t min­gle with them.

Stressed, want­ing to for­get all the junk your boss threw on you and you your­self have ac­cu­mu­lated, drink­ing, smok­ing, drugs use, etc.

Con­sid­er­ing the pres­sure at of­fice, home should be a haven. But spoil­ing the haven bring­ing the pres­sures packed from of­fice. Re­act­ing here.

Cel­e­bra­tions at of­fice do not skip burg­ers, piz­zas, cokes, hot drinks, etc.

Sim­ply, no phys­i­cal work, lot of men­tal stress rather than men­tal work.


We do not wait for any­thing. Ev­ery­thing we do is time bound.

Just think who are we do­ing it all for. If it is you, you fix the time­line. Life is yours.

Life is ac­tu­ally not too short when you live it. You can give the max­i­mum time for any­thing. It is only the first rea­son that gives this. Bad life­style gives you the im­pa­tience fac­tor.

For ex­am­ple, you over­work at of­fice and come home late, you lose your pa­tience to wait for din­ner and pre­pare your bed. You scold your lady. Both of you end your day stressed. In­stead, say to your boss that you are done for the day, let him take ten­sions and ap­point one more per­son for the team. Come home soon. You will have the pa­tience even if your meal is a bit late.

With so many men­tal pres­sures, it is mean­ing­less to blame in a cou­ple for childlessness. Adding to that, due to so­cial pres­sures, you yield go­ing for treat­ments. “Sooner the bet­ter” doesn’t work out ev­ery­where.

Wait for a nor­mal labour, not for a good time or star. That is not the child’s star. I have heard doc­tors ask­ing “De­cide on a good day for your de­liv­ery”. Who is to de­cide the start of a new life?

A fancy num­ber for ev­ery­thing, right from your ve­hi­cle to birth date for your kid. Sus­tain labour, don’t show your im­pa­tience and en­joy a life of mis­eries. Be pa­tient and wait till you con­ceive nor­mally at least for the first five years.

Short­cuts can be ap­plied only when the orig­i­nal file is there in your sys­tem. When the file goes miss­ing and you are at­tempt­ing to open it with a short­cut – you think that works? Pre­serve your file. No need of short­cuts, like that you can just ac­cess what you want at any point in time.

Save some money for your fu­ture, that erases the job in­se­cu­rity – in­duced stress.

Don’t act with re­la­tions. Be you and make it clear, you are you. This re­moves the re­la­tion­ship in­se­cu­rity-in­duced stress.

Work for what you have been paid. This cov­ers your guilty con­science-in­duced stress.

Do not have too much of at­tach­ment to ma­te­ri­als. This re­verses your life in­se­cu­rity. You can sus­tain at any state of wealth, if you are go­ing to be good at heart.

Trust peo­ple out­side of­fice. Don’t doubt ev­ery­thing around you. This bom­bards most on your stress.

Go out with fam­ily quite of­ten. This will im­prove your con­fi­dence that some­one is there to care for you and your life is not just a black and white pic­ture but does have colours.

Find a way out from within your­self and not with any­one else.

When you go to doc­tors, you will no longer be you stress? Meet a psy­chol­o­gist. You are de­pressed. You are a reg­u­lar cus­tomer to them.

You are not liv­ing for oth­ers. Help­ing oth­ers is good. But only that is not your job.


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