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AM THE EL­DEST OF THREE DAUGH­TERS IN OUR FAM­ILY. NOW THAT I I am 17 years old, my par­ents have al­ready started look­ing around for a mar­riage al­liance for me. They feel with three girls, it is im­por­tant to start mar­ry­ing them off soon. But I don’t want to

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Un­for­tu­nately, some­times the de­mands of prac­ti­cal re­al­ity bring so much dis­tress. It is not dif­fi­cult to un­der­stand your fa­ther’s quandary, and also your frus­tra­tion.

Try to make him un­der­stand that you will not stand in the way of your younger sis­ters’ mar­riages . Nei­ther will you be de­pen­dent on him for your liv­ing as you want to have a good ca­reer.

There is ev­ery pos­si­bil­ity that you will meet your soul mate in the com­ing years and will de­cide to marry, even if a lit­tle late.

Ask your older em­pa­thetic rel­a­tives to in­ter­vene on your be­half.

You could even ask your fa­ther to find you a groom who will al­low you to study fur­ther and get a ca­reer. This will solve the dilemma very nicely.

● Y HEIGHT IS 5’2” AND I WEIGH AT 70 KG. I AM A 15- YEAR-OLD girl. Please tell me how I can bring down my weight with­out go­ing to the gym or walks be­cause I do not have time for this.

Two things are vi­tal for weight loss….diet and ex­er­cise. Get a pro­fes­sional nu­tri­tion­list to make a diet chart for you,and fol­low it metic­u­lously.

It would have been best to join a gym or to go on brisk walks, but since you are un­able to do this, here are ways which you can adopt at home it­self:

Get a skip­ping rope and do spot skip­ping. It is great for burn­ing calo­ries.

Buy a tread­mill and walk or jog on it daily for at least a half hour. This sim­u­lates walk­ing out­doors.

Do bend­ing ex­er­cises, squats and even yoga asanas on as many days as pos­si­ble.

In­vest in a good weigh­ing ma­chine and weigh your­self once a week.with this reg­i­men, you are sure to be­come slim­mer in the days to come.


of much im­por­tance for me. I am a 15year-old school girl who is on the plump side. All my friends wear short hot pants but I avoid th­ese be­cause of my fat thighs.

My friends tell me to wear short pants if I want to, and not care about what oth­ers think. I try hard to lose weight but have not had much suc­cess so far. What would you ad­vise? What a per­son wears is his or her own pre­rog­a­tive, but care should be taken that there the gar­ments do not of­fend oth­ers’ sen­si­bil­i­ties…that th­ese are not in­de­cent, or im­mod­est in any way.

Wear­ing short pants even when your thighs are plump does not seem to be a bad idea. Per­haps, you could keep th­ese a wee bit longer so that you feel com­fort­able wear­ing th­ese? Also keep your thighs and legs smooth, blem­ish and hair-free.

Do not keep tug­ging at them, or show that you are feel­ing em­bar­rassed in them, be­cause this will draw at­ten­tion to you. Wear the shorts with con­fi­dence,and you will be great.

The eas­i­est way to lose weight in the thigh area is to walk, run or cy­cle. You can do spot jog­ging to mu­sic right in your home if you wish and you will find grat­i­fy­ing results within a month.

AM A 16- YEAR- OLD GIRL WITH AN IR­RI­TAT­ING PROB­LEM. MY mother has this an­noy­ing habit of check­ing the mes­sages on my phone when­ever she lays hands on it. I have re­mon­strated sev­eral times but she says I should not get het up as there is noth­ing I should keep away from her!

Mum is a sweet and lov­ing per­son, but has rather old fash­ioned views. She does not re­alise that ev­ery­one’s pri­vacy has to be re­spected. How do I deal with this? You need tact and diplo­macy to deal with this prob­lem. Firstly, do keep in mind that your mother means no harm and is gen­uinely puz­zled by your frus­tra­tion. Ex­plain to her gen­tly that a per­son’s pri­vacy has to be re­spected, that your friends’ mums do not do this, and that you are teased be­cause of this.

If she re­alises that you are un­happy, she may de­sist from this be­hav­iour.

Per­haps she is bored with time on her hands? It would be a good idea to ask your dad to get her a smart phone when she can busy her­self with her own mes­sages?

Any­way, it is a good idea to read and delete any mes­sages you get which you do not want her to read.

This col­umn is es­pe­cially for teenagers. Ado­les­cence can, we know, be a try­ing and con­fus­ing time. There are so many ques­tions which seem to evade solutions. A wrong de­ci­sion, or an in­dis­creet move, can spell dis­as­ter and ruin a life. Share your prob­lem, worry or doubt with us and WE will help you find a way out — to a hap­pier, health­ier and more suc­cess­ful adult life. Send your prob­lems to:

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