Mag­netism in art.

Woman's Era - - Short Story - By Su­man Ba­j­pai

grad­u­ate in paint­ing from Delhi Col­lege of Art, fol­lowed by a masters in Fine Arts, M.S. Univer­sity, Bar­oda, Sharma has held scores of solo and group ex­hi­bi­tions, both in In­dia and abroad over the past four decades and been a re­cip­i­ent of nu­mer­ous awards in­clud­ing from the Sahitya Kala Par­ishad. Whilst his jour­ney in contemporary In­dian art has been on the one hand con­stant in style, it has on an­other been a con­tin­u­ous process of cre­ation and re-cre­ation in form. Sharma’s lik­ing for bor­der­less­ness, hence, is seen to find its voice in his method as well. Ev­ery time one vis­its his can­vases the process of un­der­stand­ing con­tin­ues and new mean­ings tran­spire.

Stand­ing amidst his work is like ex­pe­ri­enc­ing a gust of fresh moun­tain air. You can feel the mist de­scend, you can feel the snow­capped moun­tains look­ing you back in the eye, and you can feel the chill of the semi-frozen lake atop a moun­tain range...the strokes, the il­lu­sion of depth and the play of colours are un­com­pro­mis­ing and true to re­al­ity.

Each of his works cre­ates a stir, a flut­ter in the heart, a yearn­ing to stand long and still among the moun­tains from which the mist is con­tin­u­ally lift­ing off and fall cap­tive to its never end­ing charm.

Ex­cerpts from his in­ter­view:

Why do you paint? I just paint for the sheer joy of it. There is no other rea­son be­hind my de­lin­eations. There are no moral les­sons. No deep rev­e­la­tions from my side. It is only per­sonal joy.

From your paint­ings one can see your love for moun­tains, land­scapes and rocks. Why have you cho­sen them?

Na­ture is a great in­spi­ra­tion for me. When­ever I travel, I never take any pic­tures or re­fer to any pho­to­graph. The beauty of na­ture re­mains in my sub-con­scious which mo­ti­vates me to paint dif­fer­ent land­scapes. I cap­ture the icy and rocky land­scapes in an im­pres­sion­is­tic tra­di­tion. I feel and ex­pe­ri­ence na­ture and then pro­duce the images that my mind cre­ates. My brush-strokes make my land­scapes unique. Th­ese strokes have both fluid grace and power. I recre­ate seascapes, moun­tain­scapes, desertscapes as real; yet they feel un­usual and tran­sient. My land­scapes have a mag­netism that makes my ev­ery work unique. Cre­at­ing the il­lu­sion as re­al­ity is my art. The artist has to think one step ahead. Our job is to cre­ate some­thing new, some­thing in­no­va­tive all the time and then per­fec­tion comes eas­ily.

What do you feel when you paint a moun­tain?

Ev­ery moun­tain has a story to tell, in fact each has many sto­ries to tell. My moun­tains are not all grey and som­bre blue de­spite all the si­lence that is por­trayed. They take deep lively colours. They live in the or­anges, blues and greens one lav­ishly bathes them in.

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