Help­ing the home­less.

Woman's Era - - Short Story - By Mala Ashok

educe, re­use, and Re­cy­cle is the mantra we live by yet how many of us fol­low this mantra? If I were to ask you what you thought a group of 10-yearolds did af­ter school in a club your an­swer prob­a­bly would be “Play video games.”

How­ever, a group of fifth stan­dard boys in a school in Sur­rey, Canada, are get­ting to­gether ev­ery Mon­day af­ter school to cro­chet mats for the home­less – us­ing plas­tic gro­cery bags! They learned the cro­chet stitch at a camp and thus was born Mat Mak­ing Mon­days.

They be­lieve they have spent hun­dreds of hours in this en­deav­our and di­verted a whop­ping 9,000 gro­cery bags from the land­fill. A year ago they saw a man sit­ting on a pave­ment with no shirt or jacket, and a sign say­ing he was home­less.

The boys felt bad for him and all other home­less peo­ple so they looked for projects to help the home­less. They found that most groups were in­volved with fundrais­ing. These boys wanted to ac­tively do some­thing. Their prin­ci­pal of­ten talked about do­ing some­thing for the en­vi­ron­ment.

Thus was born the idea of mak­ing mats. They first learned to cut plas­tic bags into strips, and then the next step was to tie them and cro­chet. It was a painfully slow process but one which yielded tremen­dous self­sat­is­fac­tion.

“The home­less peo­ple need the mats be­cause, first, it keeps them warm and dry and se­condly it keeps them com­fort­able, in­stead of ly­ing on rock-hard con­crete or dirty wet grass. It is also warm and ac­tu­ally keeps you alive in the cold and since these mats are very light, it’s easy to pack up and move,” says one of the stu­dents, Evan, of their ven­ture.

The stu­dents are aware that their project helps the en­vi­ron­ment since, other­wise, these plas­tic bags would be thrown into a dump­ster and they are not bio-degrad­able. “In­stead, we’re mak­ing some­thing use­ful with them,” they say hap­pily. The stu­dents have now started mak­ing other items like pil­lows, cush­ions, shoes and bags.

These mat mak­ing stu­dents are not only keep­ing some needy peo­ple warm they are warm­ing the hearts of all who hear about them. We too can fol­low their ex­am­ple and di­vert some plas­tic to some­thing use­ful in our dé­cor scheme. We

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The prize is awarded to: R. Srini­vasan, Se­cun­der­abad.

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