Woman's Era - - Short Story - By I.M. Soni

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Re­fer to Cine Plex ' Deepika Padukone rec­ol­lects slap­ping a man when she was 14 years old' ( Fe­bru­ary II, 2018). Well done Deepika! Yes, "Shar­ing this in­ci­dent, Deepika has set an ex­am­ple for all the women around the na­tion". Self de­fence is the first ne­ces­sity for girls and par­ents should al­low them to join mar­tial arts train­ing

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in­sti­tutes so that in fu­ture no one can tease or as­sault them. Girls too, on their own ini­tia­tive, should de­mand from their par­ents that they want to learn self de­fence tech­niques as boys do.

Par­ents should al­low their daugh­ters from child­hood to go out of home for shop­ping or banking works, etc to in­stil con­fi­dence among them. They should in­struct their daugh­ters from their very child­hood that, "If a boy/man teases you, you should teach him a les­son once be­fore com­plain­ing it to us"; and one will see the re­sult. That per­son will never tease her in fu­ture. First im­pres­sion is the last im­pres­sion!

– Suresh Prasad, Dar­jeel­ing.


This bears ref­er­ence to the ar­ti­cle, Is TN Hockey in the Dol­drums? ( WEFe­bru­ary II, 2018). The writer has rightly de­scribed the pitiable con­di­tion of the Hockey in In­dia, par­tic­u­larly in TN. It seems that Cricket is over and above all the other sports put to­gether in In­dia!

Even our Min­istry of In­for­ma­tion and Broad­cast­ing has a feu­dal pol­icy in the mat­ters re­lat­ing to cricket. This is ev­i­dent from the fact that even while In­dia is not play­ing, the live tele­cast of cricket matches con­tinue on the Do­or­dar­shan ( DD). On the other hand, in other sports even when In­dia is play­ing in the fi­nals it is not tele­casted live on DD. This is an in­jus­tice to other sports and games. DD and AIR (All In­dia Radio) are not the ' pa­ter­nal prop­er­ties' of cricket alone. Our gov­ern­ment that boasts of 'so­cial­ism' should know this fact.

The gov­ern­ment should en - courage all sports and games equally, and high­lights of all the sports should be tele­casted on DD. Just like when there is an elec­tion, DD and AIR al­lot time equally for 'all' po­lit­i­cal par­ties for cam­paign­ing; all sports should get an al­loted time for their high­lights. There should be a divi­sion of time among all types of sports and games. The 'supremacy of cricket' is against the norms of democ­racy.

Last but not the least, it would be suf­fice to say that our Na­tional Sport is Hockey and not Cricket. Then, why this of­fi­cial pa­tron­age to cricket only?

– Suresh Prasad, Dar­jeel­ing.


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Imag­i­na­tively cre­at­ing spaces to do some­thing your heart craves for will bring back verve into a dull lifestyle. – Shanoor K Mirza, Nag­pur.

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