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EVERY TIME I WASH MY HAIR, IT BE­COMES FRIZZY AND FLY­away. Please tell me how to have smooth, soft and man­age­able hair. What am I do­ing wrong? I am a 25- year- old who has re­cently moved to Delhi from Chen­nai.

Dif­fer­ence in cli­mates play a large part in hair health and con­di­tion. The warm hu­mid weather in south In­dia is very dif­fer­ent from Delhi’s dry arid air. Your beauty rou­tine has to be changed to suit the weather as well!

Clearly, your hair needs ex­tra nour­ish­ment and care. Use sham­poos spe­cially for­mu­lated for dry hair—this will be printed on the la­bel. Do not wash your hair too of­ten. Once or twice a week should be enough. Fre­quent wash­ing makes your scalp lose se­bum, the nat­u­ral lu­bri­cat­ing agent in the scalp.

Avoid very hot wa­ter for your hair wash. Tepid, luke­warm wa­ter is ideal.

Use a con­di­tioner af­ter the sham­poo. Ap­ply the con­di­tioner on the hair shafts and not at the roots. Smooth in well, keep for at least two min­utes, then rinse off. You can use a leave-in con­di­tioner if you wish. Add iron to your diet with green leafy veg­eta­bles, beet root, etc.

Give your­self a warm oil mas­sage for your hair once a week.

This steps should take care of your frizzy dry hair prob­lem within a cou­ple of weeks.


NO­TICE THAT THE SKIN BE­TWEEN MY TOES IS PEEL­ING. IS IT SIM­PLY dry skin or some­thing else? Please tell me how to deal with this. I pride my­self in hav­ing very at­trac­tive feet in at­trac­tive footwear.

Of­ten the skin be­tween the toes peels when the toes are too tightly packed to­gether due to ill-fit­ting footwear. In some cases too, this could be a sign of a fun­gal in­fec­tion like ath­lete’s foot. This starts with skin peel­ing and pro­gresses to a red scaly rash, which is very itchy. Ath­lete’s foot is highly con­ta­gious and spreads quickly to the whole foot. OTC medicines are very ef­fec­tive in heal­ing this, but it is best, a doc­tor should be con­sulted for safe mea­sure. There are other skin ail­ments like der­mati­tis and eczema too which could the cause.


LEASE TELL ME SOME QUICK FIXES FOR CRACKED HEELS. I HAVE al­ways had this prob­lem, but now that I am go­ing to col­lege and will dis­card school shoes for trendy san­dals, I want to dis­play pretty feet. Please help. Here are some handy tips to deal with cracked heels. Soak your feet in a basin of warm wa­ter to which you

have added raw salt, a tbsp of glyc­er­ine, a tsp of rose­wa­ter and a few drops of lemon. Soak for 15mins. Lift feet out. Scrub heels and feet sides with pumice stone to re­move soft­ened dead skin. Make a mix of glyc­er­ine, rose­wa­ter and lemon juice and ap­ply on the cracks. Mas­sage into skin. Pull on a pair of old socks and keep on through the night. Wash off with warm wa­ter in the morn­ing. Do this once in three days. An­other help­ful rou­tine is to mas­sage in veg­etable oil into the cracks and keep overnight, wear­ing old socks to avoid stain­ing linen. Other well doc­u­mented tips are a ba­nana and av­o­cado mask to ap­ply on cracked feet. Some swear by paraf­fin wax and mus­tard oil, or Vase­line and lemon juice. The ba­sic prin­ci­ple is to keep the feet well hy­drated and nour­ished. Acidic lemon juice heals rough and dry skin, glyc­er­ine soft­ens skin and rose­wa­ter is a good an­ti­sep­tic.


Y NAILS KEEP SPLIT­TING AL­THOUGH I TRY VERY HARD TO grow them. Please tell me a fool-proof method to have long nails. I am an 18- year- old col­lege stu­dent. There are sev­eral causes for split­ting of nails… pre­sum­ably at the outer edges. If you ap­ply nailpol­ish reg­u­larly and use re­movers too, the nails lose their outer layer and be­come del­i­cate and brit­tle, mak­ing them prone to splits. Al­ways use very good qual­ity pol­ish and re­movers. The lat­ter should not con­tain ace­tone which af­fects nails ad­versely. Diet too plays a sig­nif­i­cant part in this prob­lem. De­fi­ciency in cal­cium and iron tends to weaken nails. Add a cal­cium supplement pill to your daily rou­tine and you should see good re­sults within a few weeks. Mas­sage gelatin or a good nour­ish­ing cream into your nails every night, tak­ing care to at­tend to the nail beds too. This will lessen the dry­ness which causes splits.

If you use your hands to wash uten­sils and clothes, or do gar­den­ing, it can dam­age nails. Al­ways wear good gloves when do­ing th­ese jobs.

IAM A 45- YEAR- OLD WOMAN WITH A FA­CIAL HAIR PROB­LEM. There IS a layer of soft fine hair grow­ing all over my face.. fore­head, cheeks, etc. It is not dark thick hair like the su­per­flu­ous hair grow­ing on the up­per lip, but I wish had smooth soft face. How can I re­move this?

This fine soft light coloured hair is called vel­lus hair and it grows all over the body. It is not no­tice­able per­haps on your body, but it does seem to be on the face.

The eas­i­est way is to get your face threaded. This usu­ally re­moves the vel­lus hair from the roots. Ap­ply lacto calamine lo­tion or a sooth­ing mois­turiser af­ter­wards so that your skin does not be­come red and bruised.

Some pre­fer to get the face waxed, but this is not rec­om­mended for del­i­cate fa­cial skin. Depi­la­to­ries too are not ad­vised as this could cause re­ac­tions es­pe­cially on the eyes and the del­i­cate skin around th­ese.

In­ci­den­tally, this vel­lus hair is also called peach fuzz.

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