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IAM A 14- YEAR-OLD SCHOOL GIRL FOR SOME DAYS, WHEN I GO TO I school and re­turn, I no­tice a man fol­low­ing. He keeps a safe dis­tance be­tween us. Some­times I see him stand­ing across the road in front of our house and watch­ing the en­trance. I am wor­ried, al­though he has not done any­thing or spo­ken to me.

What should I do? I don’t want to tell my par­ents be­cause they will be­come hy­per and go bal­lis­tic. Please ad­vise.

This man seems to be a stalker, and you should take care. It is best to in­form your par­ents at once about your sus­pi­cions, so that they can in­form the po­lice if nec­es­sary. Your fa­ther may wish to first meet the man and ask him what he is do­ing loi­ter­ing around your house.

There are lots of per­verts around and even if you feel your par­ents will over-re­act, it is best to be safe than sorry later on.

IAM VERY WOR­RIED ABOUT MY OLDER BROTHER. HE IS 18 YEARS old and in col­lege study­ing com­merce. On many oc­ca­sions re­cently, I have seen him pil­fer­ing money from Mummy’s purse. I have a feel­ing that he is do­ing drugs. Once he had told me that many of his friends are ad­dicted.

I can’t tell my fa­ther, as he is very short-tem­pered and he will throw my brother out of the house. Mummy is very gen­tle and will be un­able to do any­thing. What should I do? I am a 14-year-old girl.

Your sus­pi­cions hope­fully are un­founded and your brother may be just short of funds. All the same, it is wrong to steal…why not ask for money?

You should let him know that you know what he is do­ing. Lis­ten to his ex­pla­na­tion. Ask him di­rectly if he is tak­ing drugs…and to stop, if he is, or that you will in­form the par­ents.

You could ask for help from good older rel­a­tive or friend who will dis­creetly deal with the sit­u­a­tion. But to ap­proach them, sidelin­ing your fa­ther is not right…so tell your fa­ther if your sus­pi­cions are proved cor­rect. He may lose his tem­per but he will know what to do to put his son back on track.

IAM ONLY 13- YEARS-OLD BUT HAVE A BUXOM FIG­URE. I WANT TO wear a bra for sup­port but Mom says at this age, it should not be worn as it con­stricts growth.noth­ing I say is mak­ing her change her views as she has a tra­di­tional and old fash­ioned mind set.

Your mom has, un­for­tu­nately a wrong idea. It is very im­por­tant to sup­port a grow­ing bo­som in young girls with a good sup­port­ive bra. In­fact, many good man­u­fac­tur­ers have spe­cial teenage bras in their col­lec­tion which cater spe­cially for young girls like you.

Show her some ad­ver­tise­ments on th­ese prod­ucts…you can get them on the net….and she may be con­vinced. Or, you could get an aunt or older cousin to ed­u­cate her on this sub­ject. It should be im­pressed upon her that not hav­ing sup­port for the breasts is just not in­ad­vis­able for health rea­sons but for aes­thetic rea­sons too. You could, in­ad­ver­tently be invit­ing lewd glances. I

AM A 16- YEAR-OLD SCHOOL GIRL WHO WEARS SPECS FROM THE time I was 5 years old….and I hate wear­ing glasses! I long to get laser surgery done so that I can throw away the ugly specs….but my par­ents are re­fus­ing to agree. I feel so frus­trated and de­pressed. How can I con­vince them?

You are prob­a­bly too young to have this pro­ce­dure done. Have you con­sulted an oph­thal­mol­o­gist yet? Usu­ally only adults qual­ify for this be­cause your vi­sion will con­tinue to change for some years be­fore it sta­bilises. If the surgery is done too early, you may need to again re­vert to specs af­ter some time.

What ex­actly are your par­ents’ reser­va­tions? The cost might be be­yond their means, per­haps? If this is the case, it is un­fair to de­mand it from them. Wait till you can af­ford to fund the pro­ce­dure your­self.

At the present junc­ture, you could use trendy glasses which en­hance your ap­pear­ance, and of course contact lenses which can dis­pense with the ‘ugly specs” al­to­gether.

IAM IN CLASS 11 AND A VERY GOOD BADMINTON PLAYER. I DE­VOTE sev­eral hours daily for prac­tice and am in the school team. But this schedule leaves me lit­tle time for study­ing, and I am afraid that low grades will not get me ad­mis­sion in col­lege. Will my sports sta­tus be help­ful for get­ting a seat? My par­ents are pres­suris­ing me to stop play­ing and start study­ing. Please ad­vise.

Yes, if you are very good in badminton, you could get ad­mis­sion in the sports quota which some col­leges have…but there is no guar­an­tee in this as there is a lot of com­pe­ti­tion here. Also, your grades should not be too low for con­sid­er­a­tion for this.

It is ad­vis­able you start pay­ing at­ten­tion to your aca­demics now se­ri­ously so that you are not left in the lurch. You should re­alise that there are lots and lots of aspirants for the sports quota and you have to be re­ally good to be ac­cepted.

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