Art is an Un­in­ter­rupted Flow

Bring­ing new di­men­sion through art.

Woman's Era - - Short Story - By Su­man Ba­j­pai

Ker­ala-based artist Roy K. John is a mu­ral­ist who brings in a new di­men­sion through his art. He paints grace­ful forms of di­vini­ties with de­tail that only a mu­ral artist can achieve. His works dis­play that tra­di­tion and be­lief an in­di­vid­ual holds in his thoughts, con­cepts and work, is al­ways the force be­hind to move for­ward dur­ing un­cer­tain­ties and hur­dles. His large can­vasses are a paean to na­ture, a cel­e­bra­tion of her colours, tex­tures and vi­tal­ity.

John in­ter­prets the tra­di­tional mu­ral to cre­ate imag­i­na­tive land­scapes, of lo­tus ponds or fig­ures rep­re­sent­ing the morn­ing en­ergy. He also paints pop­u­lar Bib­li­cal icons like the ‘Last Sup­per’ or the ‘Gethse­men.’ Ex­cerpts from an in­ter­view What’s your back­ground? What in­spired you to con­nect with art?

I don’t know what con­nect me to art. From child­hood I was pas­sion­ate about draw­ing. I could copy any pic­ture to a pa­per. I can say that was my hobby. I used to draw on wall, ta­ble, and door and even in court­yard with sticks. I stud­ied art in my 24th year be­cause I did not have any knowl­edge about any art cen­ter. At first I stud­ied mu­ral paint­ing. I was lucky to get op­por­tu­nity to work with my masters. I have worked with them, al­most 15 on-site works. I did diploma course in fine art from Woman’s Era Septem­ber (First) 2018 ● ‘Kal­ab­ha­van School of Arts,’ Thris­sur.

I had been work­ing in­de­pen­dently from 2012. I had done al­most 20 solo and group shows. I am full time artist. Then I stopped do­ing mu­ral paint­ings. Now I am do­ing paint­ings in na­ture se­ries, with acrylic and oil. I en­joy paint­ing, it’s my only pas­sion.

Do you con­sider paint­ing mu­rals more of a chal­lenge than work­ing on a can­vas?

Mu­ral paint­ing, which is done on wall, is more dif­fi­cult. Be­fore start­ing draw­ing on wall, we have to make the wall suit­able for draw­ing and paint­ing. Colours that are used in this art were ex­tracted from nat­u­ral things but nowa­days, artists are us­ing acrylic colours. But on can­vas you can play with umpteen num­bers of styles and tech­niques and it is much eas­ier than mu­ral paint­ing.

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