Vi­ta­m­in­wa­ter a flavoured water might be mak­ing you obese. This so-called health drink is a far cry from be­ing ʻpro-healthʼ. In fact, it weak­ens your body from the in­side. By Hi­man­shu Ya­dav

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Turn­ing back the pages of time to the year 2010, the whole world was shocked when the multi-bil­lion dol­lar brand Coca Cola was slapped with a suit for “de­cep­tive and un­sub­stan­ti­ated claims” on its line of health drink that went by the name “Vi­ta­m­in­wa­ter”. The com­pany was sell­ing noth­ing but flavour­ful water that by the way con­tained 33 grams of re­fined su­gar made some bo­gus and un­ap­proved claims that made its drink a favourite among peo­ple, es­pe­cially that health-con­scious share of pop­u­la­tion. What was writ­ten on the bot­tle promised peo­ple a num­ber of health ben­e­fits like preven­tion of chronic dis­eases, pro­mo­tion of healthy joints, re­duc­tion of eye dis­eases, and boost­ing of the im­mune sys­tem. While Coca Cola tried to de­fend its la­bel stat­ing that no one would con­sider Vi­ta­m­in­wa­ter as a health drink, it still had to pay $1.2 mil­lion for set­tle­ment. Mind you, we are talk­ing about pay­ing $1.2 mil­lion in 2010!

Com­ing back to the present. It is 2018 and the poi­son veiled be­hind the drapes of health drink called Vi­ta­m­in­wa­ter has once again creeped up into our lives. Coca Cola has come up with its new­est line of Vi­ta­m­in­wa­ter Ac­tive with a punch line “The Sports Drink for the Rest of Us.” This Vi­ta­m­in­wa­ter Ac­tive line has vi­ta­mins C, E, B5, B6, and B12, and elec­trolytes said to be derived from co­conut water and sea salt. Claim­ing to be sweet­ened with cane su­gar, this ac­tive drink has around 25 grams of su­gar and 100 calo­ries per 15.2-ounce bot­tle. This is cer­tainly a lot lower than what was of­fered by the reg­u­lar Vi­ta­m­in­wa­ter that con­tained more than 30 grams of su­gar and about 120 calo­ries.


How­ever, we are not here to com­pare Vi­ta­m­in­wa­ter with the newly launched and health-checked ver­sion of Vi­ta­m­in­wa­ter Ac­tive. We are here to talk about Vi­ta­m­in­wa­ter and what ef­fects it can have on our bod­ies. Many com­pa­nies have tried mar­ket­ing their sweet­ened drinks by slap­ping the name of Vi­ta­m­in­wa­ter on the bot­tle la­bels and mar­ket­ing them as health drinks. And this scam is not just about a com­pany and a few of its dis­sat­is­fied cus­tomers or clients, it’s about hu­man­ity and valu­ing hu­man lives.

The com­pa­nies sell­ing Vi­ta­m­in­wa­ter are do­ing noth­ing but fool­ing peo­ple with the name. But they need to be­come ac­tive and aware about the big SCAM that these com­pa­nies are do­ing. They might mar­ket their line of bev­er­age by fes­toon­ing it with at­trac­tive words like "fo­cus", "en­durance", "re­fresh", "de­fence" and "essen­tial”. But the TRUTH pre­vails that these so-called health drinks are just wors­en­ing and weak­en­ing the body from in­side.

Vi­ta­m­in­wa­ter, in re­al­ity, is loaded with added su­gar, par­tic­u­larly fruc­tose that is a lead­ing cause of var­i­ous health prob­lems. In sim­ple words, one can even say that this so-called health drink is nowhere less than the car­bon­ated and sweet­ened bev­er­age Coca Cola. Not only does it NOT help with the health and cause ma­jor health prob­lems, one of the big­gest prob­lems with this drink is that it causes ex­ces­sive weight gain and in­creases the chances of obe­sity by 60 per cent.

So, peo­ple, it’s your life and your health. Make sure to keep a check on the Vi­ta­m­in­wa­ter and sup­posed other health drinks that you are buy­ing in a bid to im­prove your health. You never know what the drink pro­duc­ers are ac­tu­ally giv­ing you in the name of a health drink. We

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