5th month mile­stones

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Her senses will im­prove and she can dis­tin­guish be­tween bright and sub­tle colours. She will have bet­ter and im­proved re­ac­tions to your sounds and move­ments. While you talk to her you can feel she is lis­ten­ing to you. She might keep on re­peat­ing her gig­gling sounds or aas and oos. Baby will grasp toys / things with both hands and grip­ping be­tween fin­gers.she starts rolling or sway­ing from side to side.

If you show a toy and hide it and show it back soon, she will gaze and laugh. It means she has started learn­ing that this thing ex­ists even if it was not be­fore her eyes for some time. You can let baby sit with sup­port for a while. Even if your baby misses some of the above ac­tions, there is no need for im­me­di­ate worry.

Some ba­bies do pick up late and all ba­bies de­velop at their own rate. But you need to be watch­ful.

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