8th month mile­stones

Woman's Era - - Editorial -

She has im­proved dis­tance vi­sion so she can reach and grab ob­jects eas­ily. Dif­fer­ent shapes and tex­tures at­tract her and she likes to feel the dif­fer­ence.

She can sit by her­self or might need a sup­port while lean­ing to grab some­thing to stop her from fall­ing.

While on the floor or bed she is in mo­tion most of the time and try­ing to crawl or creep or roll to places she likes to go. Af­ter she knows sit­ting, she can rock, roll, twist. This is the first step be­fore she learns crawl­ing.

Some ba­bies take a longer time in learn­ing crawl­ing while some might even straight­way start to walk with­out crawl­ing.

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