A new trend to fol­low?

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M any find it a has­sle to ap­ply makeup on an ev­ery­day ba­sis. Mi­crob­lad­ing is the new­est way to de­scribe brow­tat­too­ing or the semi-per­ma­nent brow boost­ing pro­ce­dure that has lately taken the beauty world by storm. It is a man­ual process that uses a hand tool to ap­ply semiper­ma­nent nat­u­ral look­ing eye­brows us­ing fine hair strokes. Un­like the reg­u­lar tattooing method, mi­cro blad­ing im­plants pig­ments un­der your skin mim­ick­ing the flow of your reg­u­lar brows. The ef­fect of this lasts for about two years, that is two years of no draw­ing over your brows.

Some of the ben­e­fits of Mi­crob­lad­ing are –

It is a Long last­ing so­lu­tion: Get­ting eye­brow hair trans­plant is a very ex­pen­sive pro­ce­dure, there­fore mi­cro blad­ing can be the best long last­ing so­lu­tion to fuller and thicker brows. It even gives a nat­u­ral look.

In­stant re­sults: Mi­crob­lad­ing does not have any re­cov­ery pe­ri­ods or any plas­ters over it. The re­sults are in­stant and does not even have any swelling or red­ness. In fact, you can even go back to work and have a nor­mal day from the mo­ment the process is com­plete. How­ever, for a week you are re­stricted from ap­ply­ing any makeup or cream on the eye­brows. It saves time: Time is pre­cious, this cuts down your ev­ery­day has­sle of draw­ing in your brows, match­ing them and fill­ing them in. With fuller brows you can even cut down on some of your reg­u­lar makeup steps, like eye shadow or brow high­light. The brows it­self will up­lift your face and will not re­quire any ad­di­tional makeup. Cos­metic tattooing would give you beau­ti­ful thicker brows and will ac­cen­tu­ate the fea­tures of your eyes with­out hav­ing to do any­thing.

It saves money: Brow pow­der, pen­cils, gel, tints etc; you can not put all that money into other ne­ces­si­ties about at least two years. The ini­tial cost of get­ting the tat­too might be a lit­tle ex­pen­sive but com­pared to the other al­ter­na­tive that is eye­brow trans­plant, it is much more cheaper. The tat­tooed eye­brows are in­stru­men­tal in giv­ing a spe­cific shape, thick­ness, colour, bal­ance, and sym­me­try to your face in par­tic­u­lar and even your over­all out­look.

It is easy and has­sle free: One of the most ob­vi­ous and im­por­tant ben­e­fit of eye­brow tattooing is that there is no worry about it smudg­ing or be­ing wa­ter­proof like tra­di­tional makeup. Over­time in about a year you will re­quire a touch up ses­sion, but un­til then there will be no has­sle about ap­ply­ing to re­mov­ing the makeup on an ev­ery­day ba­sis.

Adds con­fi­dence and in­creases

self-es­teem: It is nearly im­pos­si­ble to find a dif­fer­ence be­tween a nat­u­rally drawn and mi­cro bladed eye­brows. It is all about you feel­ing good at the end of the day. There would be an im­me­di­ate growth of self-es­teem. You would come out as a dy­namic, beau­ti­ful, and cheer­ful per­son in ev­ery walk of your life.

How­ever, make sure you do your re­search and find the best pro­fes­sional to do your eye­brows. Yes, the process might be a lit­tle painful - but numb­ing cream is ap­plied be­fore the pro­ce­dure and there­fore you will not feel any pain dur­ing or post the treat­ment. With the help of pro­fes­sional cer­ti­fied aes­theti­cians you will face no prob­lems. The process takes about 90mins to com­plete with a down heal­ing time of one week.

So is this a trend to fol­low or pass? As an artist, mi­cro blad­ing I feel is surely a trend to fol­low. The coolest thing about mi­cro blad­ing is that it can help peo­ple reach their #Brow­goals, whether they are start­ing with lit­tle or no hair. That and of course never hav­ing to use an­other brow prod­uct again.

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