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We ex­am­ine the dif­fer­ent faces that women present through three gor­geous new fra­grances: La Femme Prada, Good Girl by Carolina Her­rera and Sig­no­rina in Fiore by Sal­va­tore Fer­rag­amo.

The ques­tion of iden­tity is at the heart of La Femme Prada. Who is the Prada woman? There is no sim­ple an­swer for Mi­uc­cia Prada. Some­what con­trar­ily, she ex­er­cises her fas­ci­na­tion with fluid iden­tity and dif­fer­ence through the idea of a sin­gu­lar La Femme Prada fra­grance. It is de­signed to take the wearer on a sen­sory jour­ney through place, mem­ory and time. Util­is­ing high-qual­ity in­gre­di­ents to make an un­equiv­o­cal state­ment, this in­tox­i­cat­ing fra­grance com­bines tra­di­tion with ex­oti­cism to make a de­fin­i­tive and far-reach­ing dec­la­ra­tion: La Femme Prada has ar­rived.

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