And it is time again for us to induct the latest crop of polished men into what we’re going to call THE A-LIST. Register or nominate someone on www.augustmanindonesia.com before 16 August.

Augustman (Indonesia) - - Highlight -

Three years back, we started the search for the most debonair of men; men who embody the merits of style, subtance and success while juggling character, a sense of humour and razor-sharp wit. These are the guys who are the life of the party for the most obvious of reasons -

They’re the men other men want to be and women want to be with.

Each year, our A-lister campaign brings as many as 12 of such gents together to compete for the title of the ultimate A-lister. Despit the competition, the camaraderie between the like-minded men was

invigorating. Thus this year, we’re doing things a little differently again. We’re gathering our A-lister, past and present, to form an exclusive gentlemen’s club,

where men will be able to engage over good drinks and company.


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