The Lan­guage of Mas­cu­Line eL­e­gance

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The 21st cen­tury, nev­er­the­less, paints a whole dif­fer­ent pic­ture. No more tanks roam­ing the streets; only au­to­mo­biles and sports cars fill the daily scenes of to­day. The fast pace of mod­ern life, partly thanks to the In­ter­net, makes ev­ery­thing ac­ces­si­ble to men. Day in and day out, one has to face op­tion af­ter op­tion, from what to eat, to what to wear, to what to tell the time with. It is then no longer a ques­tion of com­fort or prac­ti­cal­ity—as in the case of the San­tos watch—nor is it a ques­tion of im­mor­tal­iz­ing the era—like what the Tank did dur­ing World War I. But one thing re­mains: A mod­ern

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