make my own ripped jeans?

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If you want to start ex­per­i­ment­ing with denim, we’d strongly ad­vise you to work with old, sec­ond­hand pieces. Or you could ac­quire a cheap pair of trousers for this DIY project. Also bear in mind that bleached, worn and lightly dyed denim will cre­ate a bet­ter de­stroyed ef­fect than dark, pris­tine jeans.

Start by plan­ning out the over­all design: Will there be lots of holes, or do you sim­ply want a dis­tressed ef­fect? Are you aim­ing for sym­met­ri­cal pat­terns or will you let your cre­ativ­ity reign free?

Mark which part of the trousers that you want to rip. Don’t go too high as your un­der­wear might show, and don’t go any­where near the knee as holes in that area tend to be­come big­ger as you walk. Use scis­sors or a box cut­ter (util­ity knife) to cre­ate holes and sand­pa­per to fray the fab­ric. Don’t for­get to pull some of the threads to cre­ate a nat­u­rally-dis­tressed ef­fect. Af­ter you’re done, wash the trousers to al­low the new rips to set­tle.

Sweater and denim trousers by Saint lau­rent by Hedi Sli­mane, denim jacket by Givenchy by Ric­cardo tisci

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