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Monk-strap shoes are leather shoes that come with a leather strap and a buckle in lieu of the more com­mon shoelaces. The name came about as these shoes were orig­i­nally worn by monks in Europe as an al­ter­na­tive footwear op­tion to open-toe san­dals.

These days monk-strap shoes have been el­e­vated by many de­sign­ers, to the point that some con­sider it the most ad­vanced type of dress shoe. Nat­u­rally, a wide va­ri­ety of de­signs have emerged: with dou­ble or even triple straps and some dec­o­ra­tive pat­terns. The sin­gle-strap vari­ant is the per­fect un­der­stated styling op­tion, while the dou­ble- and triple-strap monk shoes can act as rak­ish state­ment pieces. Both brogued and suede monk-strap shoes are quite pop­u­lar.

For the most part, monk-strap shoes are usu­ally seen as ac­cept­able for for­mal events. Still, it is con­sid­ered less for­mal than a pair of Ox­fords, but still a con­sid­er­able step up from open Derby shoes.

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