What is selvedge denim?

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Just like vin­tage cars, jeans also have vin­tage pieces that hark back to the early days of Levi’s. Among them is selvedge denim, of­ten sold for quite a steep price on the mar­ket. The term it­self ac­tu­ally refers to the use of an old denim-weav­ing tech­nique where edges of the fab­ric are neatly fin­ished—hence “selvedge” or, orig­i­nally, “self-edge.” You can check this by look­ing at the in­side of the seam: If it un­rav­els on the sides, then it’s not selvedge denim. Some selvedge den­ims sport red stitch­ing on the seam, too. But more than the looks, selvedge denim is typ­i­cally of a denser weave, hence the jeans are stur­dier and rare these days.

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