5 What are the main points i should know about dou­ble-breasted suit jack­ets?

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Most of us are al­ready fa­mil­iar with how to but­ton up suit jacket. But what about the dou­ble­breasted vari­ant? Dou­ble-breasted suits come in two op­tions: 6x2 and 4x2. The 6 and the 4 re­fer to the num­ber of vis­i­ble but­tons while the 2 refers to the num­ber of func­tional but­tons. Both va­ri­eties also have what’s called an an­chor but­ton on the in­side—this one should be fas­tened at all times. Of the two func­tional but­tons, you should only fas­ten the top but­ton and leave the bot­tom one open.

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