11 how to tuck in a shirt prop­erly?

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It’s never about right or wrong, but how good can you do it. The idea is to achieve some sort of sym­me­try, with your shirt but­tons in line with the fly of your pants. But even be­fore you tuck it in, the shirt should fit your body prop­erly. Over­sized shirts will nat­u­rally cre­ate creases and a puffy-look­ing shape above the waist. There is what peo­ple call the Mil­i­tary tuck, a trade shared among armed forces, which tack­les this pet peeve by fold­ing the loose fab­ric hang­ing on the side and pulling it back­ward and down­ward into the pants. The ul­ti­mate goal is to main­tain an al­most straight sil­hou­ette of the shirt from torso to waist.

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