“life can bring you the un­ex­pected, and the un­ex­pected is awe­some”

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Life can bring you the un­ex­pected, and some­times the un­ex­pected is f*****g awe­some! DA: But in all hon­esty, do you think mod­el­ing is an easy job? JB: I think it’s eas­ier than lay­ing bricks or be­ing a doc­tor and lots of other jobs out there, yeah. The hard­est bit about it is the trav­el­ing and the long days. Apart from that, yeah, it’s not the hard­est job in the world and I feel very lucky. DA: Since now you’re liv­ing in Los An­ge­les, does it make book­ing mod­el­ing gigs any eas­ier? JB: I think that liv­ing in L.A. ac­tu­ally makes it harder for me. L.A. is quite a com­mer­cial city, so most of the jobs out here are that way. Gen­er­ally, I book more high fash­ion jobs. so it means I do a lot of trav­el­ing while liv­ing in L.A. I can’t com­plain, though—I love to travel! DA: A cou­ple of years back, your wife and you launched a cloth­ing brand, “Two Halves.” How was it like to work in the fash­ion busi­ness other than pos­ing in front of a pho­tog­ra­pher’s cam­era? JB: It was re­ally fun. I loved be­ing be­hind the cam­era and build­ing a brand. It was a re­ally good ex­pe­ri­ence. Un­for­tu­nately, we just didn’t have the time to make it grow, so we de­cided to sell the com­pany. I would def­i­nitely do some­thing like that again in the fu­ture, though, now that I have more ex­pe­ri­ence. DA: You’ve done a lot of mod­el­ing. Still, do you still have any goals that you haven’t achieved yet in that ca­reer path? JB: With mod­el­ing, I think I have ex­ceeded all my orig­i­nal ex­pec­ta­tions and I am grate­ful for any jobs that come my way. Out­side of mod­el­ing I am def­i­nitely go­ing to ex­plore TV pre­sent­ing at some point. It’s some­thing I would love to do and once I have the time, I am go­ing to give it a shot. DA: By the way, you’re also known to have a lot of tat­toos. How many so far, and what was the last one you added? JB: [ Laughs] Too many to count! I lost count years ago. The last one I added was a palm tree. DA: Who is your most fa­vorite mu­si­cian, dead or alive? JB: I would have to say Jeff Buck­ley or Kurt Cobain. DA: What are your fa­vorite song lyrics? And could you re­cite the parts you like the most? JB: Jeff Buckle’s “Grace”: There’s the moon ask­ing to stay. Long enough for the clouds to fly me away. Well it’s my time com­ing; I’m not afraid, afraid to die. My fad­ing voice sings of love. But she cries to the click­ing of time, oh, time. Wait in the fire, wait in the fire. Wait in the fire, wait in the fire.

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