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1. Classic collars works with any shape of face and most ties. 2. Spread collars are wider and an­gled out­wards. These work best on men with nar­row or long faces. 3. Club collars have a rounded edge, mak­ing it bet­ter suited for nar­row faces. 4. But­ton downs can be worn with or with­out a tie, and work great with V-neck sweaters or cardi­gans. 5. Two-but­ton collars are rel­a­tively un­com­mon, and are cre­ated for those with longer necks.

6. Hid­den-but­ton down collars have two buttons un­der the col­lar points to keep it from mov­ing around.

7. Band collars en­cir­cle the neck with­out the typ­i­cal col­lar “cape.” The usual length of this col­lar is only about two cen­time­ters.

8. Man­darin collars are sim­i­lar to band collars, but mea­sure any­where from two to five cen­time­ters and stand up­right.

9. Tab collars fea­ture a but­ton tab or snap run­ning across the col­lar but­ton to the back­side of a tie. When fas­tened, this tab forces the tie for­ward and up, which will per­fectly frame your tie knot.

10. Pinned collars have small holes on each side to hold pins that will thrust a tie for­ward for a more for­mal look.

11. Wing tip collars should only be worn with a tuxedo and a bow-tie.

12. White con­trast collars work great with dark or col­or­ful ties.

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