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We are cur­rently about half­way through the eighth gen­er­a­tion of video game con­soles, which means that in­stead of new hard­ware, we’re go­ing to be see­ing only re­vi­sions. More of­ten than not, how­ever, these r evi­sions can make pur­chas­ing a brand new con­sole (or tak­ing your first step i nto con­sole gam­ing) a worth­while un­der­tak­ing. Case in point: Mi­crosoft’s Xbox One S. It’s no­tice­ably smaller than the orig­i­nal model, but it of­fers 4 K Ul­tra-HD video stream­ing and gam­ing with HDR. Although Mi­crosoft has also anno unced an even big­ger re­vamp of the Xbox One some­where down the line ( dubbed Project Scor­pio), the cur­rently-avail­able One S rep­re­sents the lat­est and def­i­nite con­sole gam­ing ex­pe­ri­ence.

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