DA: Other than paint, you also sculpt, right? What do each form mean to you? RM:

DA MAN - - Art -

In two di­men­sional works, I can ex­press my thoughts through a more fan­tas­ti­cal nar­ra­tive and al­le­gor­i­cal gim­micks. On the other hand, three di­men­sional works give out an im­me­di­ate sense of space. If I am un­able to de­liver a cer­tain sen­ti­ment through the lim­i­ta­tions of three di­men­sional works, I at­tempt to do so through a two di­men­sional paint­ing. Some­times the choice of ma­te­rial it­self can achieve the essence of a con­cept.

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