Con­trast­ing the ur­ban jun­gle with the aC­tual jun­gle, antony Mo­rato’s spring/suM­Mer 2017 Col­leC­tion Meshes the two worlds to­gether while blend­ing in­no­va­tion with tra­di­tion

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“The de­sign is crafted based on the har­mo­nious mix of soft nat­u­ral col­ors and rougher ur­ban tones”

a ntony Mo­rato is a brand deeply rooted in phi­los­o­phy. There is al­ways a clear mes­sage the brand tries to com­mu­ni­cate through its col­lec­tion. as cre­ative direc­tor lello Cal­darelli once told daMan: “we be­gin each col­lec­tion by col­lect­ing cre­ative ideas be­fore tak­ing them to the next step. The main chal­lenge for a global brand is to pro­vide prod­ucts and ser­vices with­out mis­rep­re­sent­ing our­selves, with­out los­ing cre­ativ­ity, en­ergy and flex­i­bil­ity, which are at the base of our growth.” This kind of at­ten­tion makes the clothes more than just ad­di­tions to an out­fit. wear­ing one of antony Mo­rato’s pieces is like wear­ing a firm state­ment.

For spring/sum­mer 2017, the phi­los­o­phy was a man’s search for balance be­tween the city and na­ture. The idea was based on the con­cept that na­ture is re­claim­ing cities. nat­u­rally, the col­lec­tion is in­spired di­rectly by both re­al­i­ties.

The cam­paign was shot in al­i­cante, spain un­der luca Merli’s artis­tic di­rec­tion. just like last year, antony Mo­rato’s spring/sum­mer 2017 col­lec­tion con­sists of two dif­fer­ent lines. This time around, the two are black and gold.

The Black Col­lec­tion

The black col­lec­tion rep­re­sents tokyo, a city known for its Zen and med­i­ta­tive soul, while also har­bor­ing the chaos of ur­ban life. as seen on the white poplin cot­ton short-sleeved shirt, blurred and sharp lines stood in con­trast against soft and large floral prints. The lines rep­re­sent the geo­met­ric an­gles and strong shapes of the city’s ar­chi­tec­ture, whereas the floral print rep­re­sents the soft and har­mo­nious feel of tokyo’s Zen. same goes for the blue short-sleeved polo shirt with a dan­de­lion-like pat­tern, which is paired (and con­trasts) with white long pants with bold black lines, blend­ing the el­e­ments of na­ture (the dan­de­lion) with ur­ban tones (the black lines), con­trast­ing the speed of the city with the soft­ness of na­ture.

The Gold Col­lec­tion

For the gold col­lec­tion, los an­ge­les with its sun and sandy beaches, surf­boards and Cadil­lac cars be­comes the pri­mary source of in­spi­ra­tion. so, ex­pect a lot of blue shades, as we can see in the blue-gray slim-fit­ting jacket that is semi-lined with a con­trast­ing floral-print fabric. pair that with the linen pants of the same color and white shoes and you’ll have the image of a modern cos­mopoli­tan man that ra­di­ates the en­ergy of the sea.

The Phi­los­o­phy

These con­trast­ing aes­thet­ics serve as the main cues of the col­lec­tion, as the over­all de­sign is crafted based on the har­mo­nious mix of soft nat­u­ral col­ors and rougher ur­ban tones. it en­vi­sions a modern, prob­a­bly ur­ban­ite man that lives in har­mony with na­ture; a man that has found the right balance be­tween the hus­tle and bus­tle of the city and the quiet peace of na­ture. and by do­ing so, he would em­body antony Mo­rato’s sig­na­ture motto: i am who i am.

Two looks from Antony Mo­rato’s spring/ sum­mer 2017 col­lec­tion Op­po­site page An image from the brand’s #IAMWHOIAM ad cam­paign

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