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The New York lux­ury brand Carolina Her­rera taps per­fumer Al­berto Mo­ril­las to re-cre­ate the 212 Men Per­fume from 1999. Named 212 Aqua Men, it is the first lim­ited edi­tion per­fume in the 212 Men Uni­verse. The chal­lenge was to cre­ate a scent that gives off power and en­ergy, the kind that modern, suc­cess­ful and con­fi­dent New York men would wear. This is trans­lated by re­plac­ing most of the musk notes from the orig­i­nal with notes of woods, mak­ing the scent much more nat­u­ral and earthy. Citrusy bursts like grape­fruit and berg­amot were also in­fused at the top notes. All of this cre­ates a scent that smells much more fresh, young, and full of en­ergy; the scent that goes along well when you hand some­one your busi­ness card.

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