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So, to which genre does this al­bum be­long to? That is prob­a­bly the ques­tion you’re ask­ing your­self as you’re lis­ten­ing to Gor­ri­laz’ new­est record­ing “Humanz.” The first track, “As­cen­sion”, is a fun and play­ful rap song. You prob­a­bly think this would set the tone for the rest of the al­bum, but then comes “Saturn Barz,” a song that tran­scends all mu­sic gen­res and will leave you stunned, con­fused, yet in­trigued about what is yet to come. Next thing you know, you have gone through the en­tire al­bum. Only then will you start to ap­pre­ci­ate the ge­nius artistry be­hind Gor­ri­laz.

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