DA MAN: How was your over­all ex­pe­ri­ence mak­ing “Green­house Academy”? Dal­las Hart:

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it was hon­estly an in­cred­i­ble time from the very start. the cast­ing process was in­tense, but i knew this char­ac­ter was right for me. When it got down to the last few they sent us some scripts to read to get a bet­ter feel for the char­ac­ters. in one script they had lyrics for one of the songs leo sings and so i de­cided to com­pose a song on the gui­tar along with the lyrics pro­vided. i hon­estly think it was what got me the part. Film­ing in tel aviv was mag­i­cal. it was like a va­ca­tion and my dream job all mixed into one. this project al­lowed me to check off a lot of my ca­reer goals and i had to set even higher ob­jec­tives.

My char­ac­ter on the show is also a mu­si­cian so i have a cou­ple songs in the show as well. i didn’t even know i was singing the ti­tle song un­til af­ter i recorded it in the stu­dio. they were shoot­ing the clips for the ti­tle se­quence and the song started play­ing and i looked to giora [chamizer], the cre­ator of “green­house academy,” and he just nod­ded his head. i froze be­cause i re­al­ized how big this show was go­ing to be, and that i was singing the ti­tle song!

i’ve been act­ing as long as i can re­mem­ber. i would al­ways make films as a kid start­ing with a short called “the Frog hunter” stem­ming from my ob­ses­sion with “the croc­o­dile hunter” [Steve ir­win]. he was my child­hood hero. i did a lot of the­ater but never re­ally saw my­self be­com­ing an ac­tor pro­fes­sion­ally un­til i went to an act­ing camp in l.a. where i was signed to an agency on the spot. it’s been an ex­tremely dif­fi­cult path but un­be­liev­ably ful­fill­ing and i can’t see my­self do­ing any­thing else. this is what i was made for.

Short term is to keep act­ing as much as i can. each char­ac­ter adds a whole new out­look on life that helps me in my ca­reer and even in my per­sonal life. i would be on set all the time if i could. in the long run i hope to be cre­at­ing my own con­tent. i have a lot of scripts that i’m hop­ing to pro­duce and that takes a lot of work and time to even get started. i have al­ways loved ev­ery part of the en­ter­tain­ment in­dus­try. Writ­ing, film­ing, act­ing, edit­ing, pho­tog­ra­phy and pretty much any­thing artis­tic. it’s fun be­ing a Jack of all trades, but i’d at least con­sider my­self a master of some rather than none.

Jon Bel­lion is one of my all-time fa­vorite peo­ple in the en­tire world, ever. his mu­sic and the way he cre­ates it is in­cred­i­ble; and he writes from the heart. how­ever owl city is my num­ber one mu­sic in­spi­ra­tion. the mu­sic adam young cre­ates is very un­der­ap­pre­ci­ated and it’s the mu­sic he doesn’t even re­lease to the main­stream that caught my at­ten­tion. it’s so unique and i can re­ally feel what he’s feel­ing in ev­ery song. there’s too many to

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