DA: You men­tioned about your in­ter­est in mu­sic and even com­pos­ing your own song. Can you tell us a lit­tle about that as­pect of your life? DH:

DA MAN - - Wheels -

Mu­sic has al­ways been a huge pas­sion of mine. i started on gui­tar but as soon as i touched my first piano, that was it: i’ve been writ­ing ever since. Mu­sic, in my opin­ion, is one of the purest forms of emo­tion you can ex­press. i put a lot of

i fight with my own mind all the time. the thought of “am i good enough?” comes up a lot. But at the end of the day that doesn’t mat­ter; if you’re happy and do­ing what you love then you’re good! i face new chal­lenges ev­ery day but how bor­ing would life be if every­thing was easy? and as far as mu­sic, i strug­gle be­cause my genre seems to change ev­ery five min­utes. one day i’ll be writ­ing even name when it comes to act­ing, but of course my mom is the main rea­son i’m even here in l.a., so i have to thank her for be­ing my big­gest in­spi­ra­tion.

i would say that life is all about learn­ing. you can con­stantly be grow­ing, cre­at­ing and shar­ing. Share your sto­ries. if there’s some­thing left to learn, then your work’s not done. the world is filled with the un­known, so get to work.

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