Da: What would you say, is the strangest thing (par­don the pun) that you’ve ex­pe­ri­enced while work­ing on the show? CH:

DA MAN - - Wheels -

Hawkins lab is ac­tu­ally shot in an old men­tal in­sti­tu­tion and one day my friend and i went off to ex­plore down in the base­ment of the build­ing. There was a weird en­ergy and i could see why they chose to shoot here.

ini­tially, i taped for the role while i was film­ing sea­son two of “Stranger Things” and i was flown to l.a. to screen-test with the di­rec­tor. Then i didn’t hear any­thing for a while be­cause ob­vi­ously with a movie this size lots of de­ci­sions have to be made. But af­ter what seemed like for­ever i found out i was go­ing to be a mu­tant. The 14 year old kid in­side of me def­i­nitely freaked out!

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