Dim Sum

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Dim sum is an in­te­gral part of global Chi­nese cul­ture and its cre­ation is an art form. Although to­day dim sum is in­ex­tri­ca­bly linked to Can­tonese cui­sine, it is be­lieved to have been first made in North­ern

China, a claim sup­ported by an­cient po­etic and musical ref­er­ences that pre­date Chris­tian­ity. Lit­er­ally mean­ing ‘to touch your heart,' dim sum menus of­fer an as­sort­ment of bite-size dumplings, steamed dishes and other, of­ten del­i­cate, morsels. Orig­i­nally it was only for the em­peror and other wealthy no­bles, but over time it was served in tea houses along the Silk Road. The orig­i­nal shape and fill­ings de­pended upon ori­gins, with the best, it is said, to be from South­ern China, Can­ton and Hong Kong. To­day mod­ern chefs are ex­plor­ing the bound­aries and are cre­at­ing some in­cred­i­ble dim sum. But it was in the early 20th cen­tury that the ma­jor de­vel­op­ments oc­curred as the rich traders and no­bles be­gan to fre­quent the many es­tab­lish­ments found on the Silk Road who vied for their busi­ness by of­fer­ing ever-more cre­ative food.

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