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It’s be­yond dis­pute that a per­fectly cooked duck is a won­der­ful thing. Ar­guably, the Chi­nese’s sig­na­ture duck dish is the Pek­ing duck, a dish so fa­mous world­wide that there are cen­tu­ry­old es­tab­lish­ments that serve noth­ing but the sin­gu­lar dish. Strolling through any of China’s cities and towns in the morn­ing, it is in­evitable that one will be as­sailed by the aroma of freshly roasted duck, tan­ta­lis­ingly slow-cooked in vast wood-fired ovens.

A less well-known vari­a­tion, but not los­ing out in terms of flavour and pop­u­lar­ity is the crispy tea-smoked duck. Per­haps an edge that it has over the fa­mous Pek­ing duck is its amaz­ing fra­grance. Ad­her­ing to an age-old recipe, Ho­tel Borobudur Jakarta’s smoked duck is ini­tially braised in a bath of soy sauce and aro­mat­ics such as Chi­nese red dates, gin­ger and star anise. Next, the braised duck is smoked with hand­picked Jas­mine tea leaves till the won­drous aroma is im­parted, be­fore be­ing served.

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