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Mango Mousse Cylin­ders


450ml mango puree

40ml con­densed milk

60g sugar

4 egg yolks

330ml milk

12g gela­tine leaves, soaked in cold wa­ter

200ml cream


1. Whisk con­densed milk, sugar and egg yolks to form a sabayon.

2. Bring milk to the boil then mix into sabayon.

3. Stir soaked gela­tine into warm milk mix­ture un­til it dis­solves.

4. Stir mango puree into the milk mix­ture.

5. In a separate bowl, whisk dou­ble cream to a medium peak and fold into the milk mix­ture.

6. Cut non-stick pa­per into 8x12cm squares, roll into cylin­ders us­ing sticky tape to hold them in place. Put cling film on cylin­der bot­toms so no liq­uid can seep out.

7. Place cylin­ders up­right sup­ported in egg trays and care­fully pour the mango mix­ture into the tubes.

Freeze un­til solid.

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