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Dis­cussing about a pup­peteer, the first that will come to our mind is an old man wear­ing Ja­vanese tra­di­tional clothes. How­ever, this fig­ure is dif­fer­ent. He is Gibran Nicholau Pa­padim­itrou, a 13-year-old young boy who puts in­ter­est on pup­petry world. Un­til now he has de­cided to be a young pup­peteer or com­monly called as dalang anom. Gibran is not just an­other teenager, in his young age, he has mem­o­rized var­i­ous In­done­sian pup­petry’s sto­ries. Es­pe­cially his fa­vorite sto­ries from Ma­hab­harata and Ra­mayana, some of which are On­toseno Kra­man and Rama Tam­bak, which he fi­nally stud­ied through watch­ing the per­for­mance from his tu­tor, Ki Agusti­nus Sard­jono, in pup­petry school in Yo­gyakarta.

For his un­usual hobby, BAJ 2016 has asked Gibran to per­form a mean­ing­ful In­done­sian pup­pet story on the open­ing night in ball­room of The Ritz-carl­ton Jakarta, Pa­cific Place. On the up­com­ing gala night, Gibran will per­form a pup­pet story ti­tled Mban­gun

Ta­man Maer­akåcå along with the launch­ing of Ini Kisah Tiga Dara movie di­rected by his mother, Nia Di­nata. Some ex­clu­sive teasers of Ini Kisah Tiga Dara which has sim­i­lar ba­sic idea as Mban­gun Ta­man Maer­akåcå will be per­formed to es­cort Gibran into the stage of his play. The story tells about Srikandi who held con­test to beau­tify the ap­pear­ance of Maer­akåcå Park af­ter a great fire hap­pened and the win­ner would be able to marry her soon. Im­me­di­ately all men from all walks of life com­pete to re­build Maer­akåcå Park. How­ever as the time goes on for a re­ally quite a while and many dra­mas hap­pened, no one was able to build it. Un­til fi­nally Ar­juna suc­cess­fully con­quered Srikandi’s chal­lenge through his leg­endary arc. You must be cu­ri­ous and ques­tion­ing Ar­juna’s way to re­build Maer­akåcå Park, so do not miss the open­ing of BAJ 2016 on Au­gust 25.

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