Read­ing Cen­thini “Ng­gon” by Agnes Christina

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Talk­ing about the big­gest lit­er­a­ture her­itage in the archipelago his­tory of civ­i­liza­tion, the name of Serat Cen­thini will be ab­so­lutely in­cluded in the list. Of­ten mis­un­der­stood as the Ka­ma­su­tra of Java, Serat Cen­thini ac­tu­ally con­tains more than that. This lit­er­a­ture piece is not only life en­cy­clo­pe­dia which con­sist of many spir­i­tual and phys­i­cal teach­ings, yet it also a holy book to guide hu­man life as they grow up, at least that is what Agnes Christina, an artist, di­rec­tor and also per­former who has been trans­lat­ing Serat Cen­thini in the Read­ing Cen­thini se­rial per­for­mance since 2013.

Agnes started Read­ing Cen­thini project when she first joined the Di­rec­tor’s lab pro­gram from The Sub­sta­tion Sin­ga­pore and Na­tional Arts Coun­cil. For 18 months she had stud­ied Serat Cen­thini and learned to in­ter­pret its se­quences of tra­di­tional songs into mean­ing­ful se­ries of move­ments. Agnes did the process of in­ter­pret­ing the Serat Cen­thini by con­sult­ing to some ex­perts, in­clud­ing Ching Tze Chien, a fa­mous Sin­ga­porean scriptwriter who helped her build­ing the sto­ry­telling pat­tern, and Suprapto Suryadarmo from Joged Amerta work­shop who in­di­rectly helped Agnes form­ing the pro­duc­tion pat­tern of Read­ing Cen­thini.

In the com­ing Bazaar Art Jakarta (BAJ) 2016, Agnes Christina will per­form Read­ing Cen­thini: Ng­gon, which in Ja­vanese means home or place to live. Her per­for­mance will sim­u­late the trou­ble­some yet ex­quis­ite Ja­vanese process of build­ing home, since for the Ja­vanese home is a very per­sonal thing and the process of build­ing it is a sym­bol of har­mony be­tween hu­mans and their en­vi­ron­ment. Build­ing home is a metaphor of our life. The home is built from the bot­tom to the peak, like life that keeps grow­ing to reach per­fec­tion. “Through Read­ing Cen­thini: Ng­gon, I hope thar we all can keep build­ing our life from the bot­tom to the peak to achieve per­fec­tion, which is the har­mony of our own selves and our en­vi­ron­ment, and in the end our soul can unite with our phys­i­cal body in ev­ery­thing we do,” she told as the con­ver­sa­tion ame to an end.



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