Hindu Bali

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HIN­DUISM is thought to have ar­rived in some parts of the ar­chi­pel­ago as early as

the 1st cen­tury and its in­flu­ence spread, ac­cu­mu­lat­ing as­pects of Bud­dhist and lo­cal belief sys­tems as it went, and reach­ing

Bali by at least the 9th cen­tury. In the 15th cen­tury priests from the col­laps­ing Ja­vanese Hindu Ma­japahit Em­pire re­treated

to the is­land and be­gan to es­tab­lish the net­work of tem­ples that stands to­day. Once in Bali, Hin­duism also merged with much

older an­i­mist and shaman­ist be­liefs.

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