hellobali Guide to Bali - - A-Z OF BALINESE TRADITIONAL CULTURE -

AMONG the fascinations of an­thro­pol­o­gists and artists who vis­ited Bali in the early 20th cen­tury was trance, a state be­tween the seen and un­seen worlds used by balian - psy­chics and spir­i­tual heal­ers - to com­mune with the dead and dis­cover the cause and cure of var­i­ous ail­ments; and by per­form­ers in rit­ual dance dra­mas such as Barong’s bat­tle

with Rangda em­pha­sis­ing that in all but the most touris­tic ren­di­tions th­ese

serve a deep re­li­gious pur­pose.

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