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Girls like to take Zumba classes to­gether at the gym, but let’s make one thing clear: guys don’t go to the gym as a group. And even when they do, they don’t work out to­gether –much less in some class. They may ac­com­pany one an­other on a run or a bike ride, but you can bet they won’t be talk­ing. But there are other op­tions for dudes unit­ing. Team sports are wicked fun. Fut­sal is pop­u­lar –with many young pro­fes­sion­als pre­fer­ring this game to ex­pen­sive gym mem­ber­ship. You can find a fut­sal pitch prac­ti­cally any­where on the is­land. Just make sure you have enough guys to make up two teams.

D’Goal Fut­sal Bali, Jl. Imam Bon­jol no. 463A, Denpasar, T: +62 361 481820

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