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hellobali - - AFTERHOURS -

If there’s one thing that gets guys talk­ing for hours on end, it’s sports. It’s like oil ap­plied to the male jaw. And when guys are in­ter­ested in the same sport, even if they sup­port dif­fer­ent teams, the ban­ter is end­less –ac­cord­ing to some of my exes. Best of all is when guys watch a big match to­gether in a crowd at a sports bar. Ev­ery­one fo­cuses on the big screen, the only sound com­ing from the TV com­men­ta­tor. The sus­pense is un­bear­able. Guys ner­vously pick at the la­bel on their beer bot­tles. And the mo­ment the favourite team scores, the whole place erupts with ela­tion. Awe­some.

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