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Tech­ni­cally, de­caf is cof­fee whose caf­feine has been stripped away in a de­caf­feina­tion process. But if you want our opin­ion, de­caf isn’t re­ally cof­fee. It’s like zero-al­co­hol vodka. Point­less. The cof­fee equiv­a­lent of tequila shots, espresso is a tiny guy that packs a punch. It is brewed by forc­ing a small amount of near-boil­ing wa­ter un­der pres­sure through finely ground cof­fee beans. The process leads to espresso be­ing thicker and hav­ing higher a con­cen­tra­tion of caf­feine than cof­fee brewed by other meth­ods.

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