To­tal so­lar eclipse to be wit­nessed from In­done­sia on Hari Nyepi (9 March)

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A to­tal so­lar eclipse will take place on March 9, 2016. A so­lar eclipse oc­curs when the Moon passes be­tween Earth and the Sun, thereby to­tally or partly ob­scur­ing the im­age of the Sun for a viewer on Earth. A to­tal so­lar eclipse oc­curs when the Moon's ap­par­ent di­am­e­ter is larger than the Sun's, block­ing all di­rect sun­light, turn­ing day into dark­ness.

To­tal­ity oc­curs in a nar­row path across Earth's sur­face, with the par­tial so­lar eclipse vis­i­ble over a sur­round­ing re­gion thou­sands of kilo­me­tres wide. It will have a mag­ni­tude of 1.0450 vis­i­ble across an area of the Pa­cific Ocean, be­gin­ning in In­done­sia, and end­ing in the north­ern Pa­cific Ocean.

The to­tal so­lar eclipse will be vis­i­ble from Su­ma­tra, Borneo, Su­lawesi, and from lo­ca­tions in the Pa­cific Ocean. The eclipse will be par­tial for peo­ple in South and East Asia and north­ern and east­ern Aus­tralia. To­tal­ity will last for 4 min­utes and 09 sec­onds.

The to­tal phase of this so­lar eclipse will not be vis­i­ble from Jakarta, but it will be ob­served from there as a par­tial so­lar eclipse. The Moon will cover a large por­tion of the Sun, so this will still be a spec­tac­u­lar sight.

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